CASA 4.2.1 Patch Plan


RJS 5/12/14:
  • CASA 4.2.1 released publicly on OSX and RHEL.

RJS 4/30/14:
  • OSX
    • Viewer debugging and testing in developer environments has concluded. Currently testing a pre-release package on 10.7 and 10.8.
    • Five outstanding regression test failures to diagnose and resolve. See CAS-6357.

RJS 4/11/14:
  • RHEL:
    • RHEL release of CASA 4.2.1 is ready for use and is in the process of being made available on the NRAO network.
  • OSX:
    • Library linking issues reported on 3/31/14 have been resolved.
    • User testing of the package has revealed instabilities in the viewer. Further development effort will be required to debug.
    • Another round of pre-release testing will be required after the viewer development work. This has been reflected on the schedule below.

RJS 3/31/14:
  • Work is in progress to release both RHEL and OSX CASA 4.2.1 packages. Work that has been completed or started is reflected in the Gantt chart under the '% Complete" column.
    • The fixes from the 4.2.0 branch as well as the fix for CAS-6037 have been merged into this branch.
    • Work is currently focused on the iterative build and package acceptance test cycle for both RHEL and OSX.
    • OSX debugging is blocked by a library linking issue between CASA, CUPS and another 3rd party library. This is currently causing CASA to crash on OSX 10.7.
  • A "Risk" column has been added to the Gantt chart to provide an indication of the schedule risk associated with each task.
    • It is especially hard to quantify the effort/time required for OSX debugging ('Iterative Building & Package Acceptance Test Cycle for OSX"). If this iterative cycle can be completed by 4/11/14, the package should be available for users at the Imaging Synthesis Workshop. Should this work extend beyond 4/11/14, providing this package in time is increasingly difficult due to the limited contingency time available in the 4.2.1 OSX release schedule.


To support the Synthesis Imaging Workshop on 13-20 May, 2014.

Requested Patch Features

Based on input from Steve Myers, Crystal Brogan and Adam Leroy:

Other Requirements

  • Timing:
    • Be available for the Synthesis Imaging Workshop on 13-20 May, 2014.
      • It is a goal to have the package released on RHEL and OSX 1 month before workshop for installation lead-time and other preparatory tasks.
  • Testing
    • Typical package acceptance testing for a CASA deliverable.
    • User testing for OSX Package.

Implementation Plan

  • Abandon releasing 4.2.0 on OSX.
  • Setup branch and merge fix for CAS-6037.
  • Building, testing, debugging and packaging to release 4.2.1 on OSX
  • Building, testing, debugging and packaging to release 4.2.1 on RHEL
  • Typical package acceptance for both RHEL and OSX.
  • User acceptance testing for OSX only (RHEL 4.2.0 user testing is sufficient).


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