CASA Users Committee

Face to Face meeting, September 22-23, 2014

Agenda & Charge

The FINAL meeting agenda and the charge for the meeting are now available.
Monday September 22, 2014
8:00   Coffee, pastries available
8:30   Executive Session
9:00   Welcome Beasley (by video)
9:10 pdf Logistics, charge, this committee Glendenning
9:20 pdf Overview: current capabilities, issues Kern
9:50 pdf Development: priorities, planning, process Selina
10:20   Overview discussion
10:40   Coffee Break
11:00 pdf ALMA - priorities, needs Brogan (by video)
11:30 pdf VLA - priorities, needs Myers
12:00 pdf ALMA and VLA algorithm R&D, priorities and plan Bhatnagar
12:30   Lunch, pipeline demo Davis
13:30   ALMA/VLA/Algorithm discussion Sorry I had to remove the survey since this is a public wiki
14:00 pdf Pipeline - status & plans Kern
14:40   Pipeline discussion
15:00   Experiences with CASA & how to fulfill committee responsibility Committee members
15:45   Coffee Break
16:00 pdf HPC - status, issues, timelines Robnett
16:30 pdf Single Dish Software Sugimoto (by video)
17:00   Executive Session
18:30   Meeting Dinner, Glendenning residence
Tuesday September 23, 2014
8:00   Coffee, pastries available
8:30 pdf Visualization and image analysis: status, priorities, issues Kern
9:00 pdf Calibration: status, priorities, issues Moellenbrock
9:45 pdf Imaging: status, priorities, issues Rau
10:30   Coffee Break
10:45 pdf Documentation, user support Ott
11:15 pdf Platforms (hardware & OS) Schiebel (by video)
11:25 pdf User contributed code Kern
11:35 pdf Other telescopes support/collaboration Kern
11:45   Carried issues; wrap-up discussion
12:30   Lunch
13:00   Executive Session
15:00   Preliminary report-out (open)

2014 CASA User Committee Members

David Wilner (chair) 2014/04 NA | Lizette Guzman 2014/04 CL
Rachel Akeson 2014/04 NA | Tomoya Hirota 2014/04 EA
John Carpenter 2014/04 NA | Daniel Jacobs 2014/04 NA
Thibault Cavalie 2014/04 EU | Alexander Karim 2014/04 EU
Rachel Friesen 2014/04 NA | Kazushi Sakamoto 2014/04 EA


If you have any difficulties or questions please contact Brian Glendenning ( or Lori Appel (

The first face to face meeting will be held September 22-23 at the NRAO in Socorro, New Mexico. The nearest airport is in Albuquerque (airport code ABQ), which is about an hour away. Having a rental car is convenient, and probably less expensive than taking the shuttle.

We have a block of hotel rooms at the Socorro Holiday Inn Express. You will have to call directly (+1 576 838-4600) and reserve using a credit card, and the block name "NRAO CUC F2F ".

Each ALMA Executive (ESO, JAO, NAOJ, NRAO) is responsible for paying for the travel of the people they have appointed. If you don't know which organization appointed you please check with Brian Glendenning. Please check with your organization about how you should arrange your travel.

In the case of NRAO members you can have NRAO arrange (and pay for) your travel in advance or get reimbursed afterwards as you prefer. The main thing to be aware of is that to conform with US government regulations your air travel must be booked on a US airline. If you would like NRAO to make the arrangements you can email or go through the BOS visitor registration system, In either case, please state that you are coming to the NRAO CUC meeting, and list Brian Glendenning as your local contact.

Viewing the Pipeline Web log

  • Download the tarred, compressed web log file
  • Uncompress and unpack the web log tar ball
  • Point your browser at pipeline-/html/index.html

-- JeffKern - 2014-06-30
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