CASA Newsletter Planning


The 2014 CASA Users Committee report identified a lack of communication between the CASA development team and our wider user base. A suggested mitigation was a semi-annual newsletter describing what we are doing in CASA, as well as where we are planning to go.


The planned schedule is summarized in the table below:
  Summer Newsletter Winter Newsletter
Article Identification May 1 Oct. 1
Submission's Due May 15 Oct. 15
Release Date June 1 Nov. 1
These dates are chosen to be away from CASA releases, and other major observatory deadlines but may fluctuate.


The indented format is much like the NRAO e-News. We expect to have a few fixed sections and then a few more timely and specific items each issue. These articles are intended to introduce new concepts and capabilities, explain what the team is doing and thinking and lead users to more detailed information on the various topics. Each article should include at least one figure to improve readability.

We can be forward lookingÂ… for example saying that we're looking into ASP clean, but should not promise delivery (in 4.4 we will will have completed xyz). These are not release notes but a chance for us to inform users about what we're thinking.
Fixed Articles
  • Note from the Group Lead
    • New Personel
  • Notes from the help desk
  • Calendar of Events and Workshops
  • Featured Image
September 2017 (delayed from March 2017)

  • Monday, September 11th: Content submitted to Anand / Juergen / Bjorn via CAS-10467 or sub-tickets.
  • Friday, September 15th: Validated content submitted to Mark A. and Davis.
  • Thursday, September 21st: CASA Newsletter launch

Content (see also CAS-10467):
  • Fixed articles:
    • Note from the group lead: Morgan (he should welcome Bjorn)
    • Notes from the helpdesk: Sarah Wood
    • Calendar of events and workshops: Anand
    • Featured image: Bjorn
  • Special articles:
    • SRDP: Jeff
    • VI/VB2: George
    • CASAdocs: Anand/Juergen
    • VLA tropo fix: George
    • ALMA pipeline: Lindsey
    • Radio Tools: Adam Ginsburg
    • CARTA: ask Chin-Fei
    • VLASS update: Claire
    • 5.0 & 5.1 Releases: Juergen
    • One-question survey: ask Jeff about purpose and appropriateness
    • Garching/ESO/HPC?: ask Sandra, Enrique, and Federico (Sandra on vacation until Aug 26)
    • Single Dish ASAP to MS transition: Kana

Status (as of 8/8):
  • Authors drafting articles for submission by September 10th.

September 2016

  • Schedule
    • Submissions Due to Anand: Sept. 16
    • Final drafts due to communications office: Sept 23
    • Newsletter release: Oct 1
  • Each article should include an relevant and interesting/attractive image for possible inclusion.
  • Fixed articles and authors:
    • Note from group lead (Jeff)
    • Note from help desk / user support (Sarah)
    • Calendar of events and workshops (Anand)
  • Selected articles and authors:
    • ASIAA CASA Development Center (Chin-Fei)
    • msuvbin (Kumar and Emmanuel)
    • AW-Projection (Sanjay)
    • XCLASS (Schilke)
    • AWS / Hardware Recs. (James)
    • Pipeline (Lindsey)
    • VLA CASA guides (Juergen)
    • CASA Forum (Juergen)
March 2016

  • ATNF Use - Mark W.
  • Filing a CASA Helpdesk Ticket (from the CUC)
  • MSTransform

Sept 2015

  • Ephemeris Topics - Dirk P.
  • tClean
  • Parallelization

Articles for the "Special" Feb 1 2015 edition

  • Weights -George
  • Single Dish - Kana
  • Pipeline - Lindsey
  • User survey

  • Polarization angle definition
  • Spectral Weights -George
  • CUC
  • Supported OSs Roadmap
  • ALMA Long Baselines (special techniques)
  • ALMA Phase Diff
  • Polarization (After update)
  • Cal Library / Scratchless Operation
  • Future directions in Imaging
  • Radio Tools
  • Robust Statistics
  • external users/contributions

-- JeffKern - 2014-12-05
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