CASA I/O Performance Tuning Project


  • Sandra Castro
  • Julian Taylor
  • Martin Pokorny


The project will be approached with an iterative/incremental development model in two phases. The first phase of the project will be short, on a timescale of a few months. Phase-1 will look at task visstat2 to understand how the I/O works. The knowledge acquired in Phase-1 will be used to define the implementation plan and deliverables in Phase-2.


  1. To understand how the I/O subsystem works in the table system, and what effect various sort orders have on it.

  2. To understand the effect of tile shape versus various types of selections on MS and MMS.

  3. To fix the parts of CASA identified in Phase-1.

  4. To tune the performance of the I/O system in CASA


  • Produce a plan to fix problems related to I/O performance in all parts of CASA
  • ....

Phase-1 Deliverables

  • Propose improvements on the table system based on the acquired understanding.

  • Identify other CASA tasks that could show the same need for improvement

Phase-1 Implementation Plan

  • task_visstat2
    • Use task_vistat2 as the main driver to identify issues.
    • Use different data selections and iterations to test the I/O system with task_visstat2
    • ....
  • task_mstransform(??) - TBV
    • use different tile shape settings on MS and MMS with different types of selections

Phase-2 Deliverables

Phase-2 Implementation Plan

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