CASA Documentation Update Planning

Planning and assignments for the transition to the plone based documentation framework.


  • ? May 2016: Plone server production-ready.
  • 1 May 2016: Initial outline of document complete and agreed, assignments made.
  • 20 Jan 2017: All sections populated, ready for review.
  • : Review complete. Begin update of task XML and population of task pages
  • 1 Jan 2017: Integration of documentation to build process complete (generation and harvesting of pages). "Explain" functionality available in CASA.
  • 1 March 2017: Plone documentation serves as documentation for CASA release, deprecation of cookbook.

Meeting Minutes

A couple of things to note:
  • CASA 4.7 will be released with the Cookbook and the current documentation.
  • I'm sure there will be questions I'll answer them here.

Outline and Assignments

Section JIRA Initial Author Reviewer Ready for Review DONE Ready to Publish DONE Published DONE
Version Selection            
  Staff Bio            
Release Information            
  Release Notes CAS-9374 Ville Sandra      
  Known Issues CAS-9289 Juergen Everyone      
  Resources and Links CAS-9289 Juergen        
  Obtaining and Installing CAS-9292 Juergen Dirk Petry      
  Global Change Log CAS-9374 Ville        
  Jira Status / Bug Fixes CAS-9375 Jeff        
Using CASA            
  Starting CASA CAS-9293 Juergen        
  Tasks CAS-9293 Juergen        
  Tools CAS-9293 Juergen        
  Logging CAS-9293 Juergen        
  CASA Interface and Scripting CAS-9293 Juergen        
  Writing Tasks in CASA: Task XML definition CAS-9376 Jeff        
  Environment: .casarc CAS-9294 Jim Darrell      
  Help System CAS-9295 Jeff Sandra      
Data: Import/Export            
  Visibility Import Export CAS-9296 Dirk Dave      
  Image Import Export CAS-9296 Dirk Dave      
  Ephemeris Objects CAS-9296 Dirk Petry Brian Butler? or Arielle Moulett?      
  Tasks CAS-9297 Dave ((uv)FITS only), Dirk P. (ASDM, FITSIDI) Sandra(importasdm)      
  Tools CAS-9297 Dave ((uv)FITS only), Dirk P. (ASDM, FITSIDI)        
Data Selection:            
  LEL CAS-9081 Anand / Alan Kumar      
  Taql CAS-9081 Anand / Alan Kumar      
  Select Document CAS-9299 Sanjay Sandra      
  Region File Format CAS-9300 Anand / Alan Dave      
Data Examination:            
  plotms introduction CAS-9301 Pam George      
  Other Tasks (plotants, plotcal, etc.) CAS-9302 Juergen        
  Tasks CAS-9301 Pam        
  Tools CAS-9301 Pam        
Data Editing            
  Flag versions CAS-9303 Sandra        
  Auto-Flagging CAS-9304 Urvashi Justo, Sandra      
  Flag data modes CAS-9305 Justo        
  Calibration table flagging CAS-9305 Justo        
  msview CAS-9306 Darrell        
  Tasks   N/A Sandra      
  Tools   N/A        
UV Manipulation            
  mstransform CAS-9307 Justo Dirk P.      
  split CAS-9307 Justo Dirk P.      
  cvel CAS-9307 Justo Dirk P.      
  hanningsmooth CAS-9307 Justo        
  Tasks   N/A        
  Tools   N/A        
  ME CAS-9308 George Dirk P.      
  Weights CAS-9308 George Justo      
  Cal Library CAS-9308 George Chris Hales?; Steve Myers?      
  Virtual Model CAS-9309 Kumar Urvashi      
  Cal Table Management CAS-9308 George Tak      
  Calibration Application CAS-9308 George Chris Hales?      
  UV-Plane Continuum Subtraction CAS-9310 Tak Justo      
  Flux Calibrator Models CAS-9310 Tak Dirk P.      
  tasks CAS-9308 George        
  tools CAS-9308 George        
Single Dish Calibration            
Synthesis Calibration            
  apriori calibration CAS-9311 George        
  tasks CAS-9311 George        
  tools CAS-9311 George        
Single Dish Imaging            
Synthesis Imaging            
  Overview - Major/minor cycles CAS-9312 Urvashi        
  Overview - Gridding algorithms CAS-9312 Kumar        
  Overview - Deconvolution algorithms CAS-9312 Urvashi        
  Continuum/wideband (mfs, multi-term mfs) CAS-9312 Urvashi        
  Spectral Line (coordsys info, frames,etc) CAS-9313 Tak Dirk Petry      
  Wide-field Imaging (multi-field, facets, wproj, aproj) CAS-9312 Sanjay        
  Mosaics (stitched/ joint) CAS-9314 Kumar        
  Full polarization (stokes planes) CAS-9315 Sanjay        
  Primary beam correction/models CAS-9312 Urvashi Dirk Petry      
  Model prediction for self calibration CAS-9314 Kumar        
  Boxing and Masking (fixed, interactive, auto) CAS-9313 Tak        
  High dynamic range imaging CAS-9315 Sanjay        
Image Combination            
  feather CAS-9316 Kumar Susan      
VIsibility Analysis            
  tasks CAS-9377 Kumar        
  tools CAS-9377 Kumar        
Image Analysis            
  Dealing with Images CAS-9317 Dave Juergen      
  tasks CAS-9318 Dave        
  tools CAS-9318 Dave        
Image Visualization            
  Image Viewer CAS-9319 Susan Dirk P.      
  CARTA CAS-9320 Erik R. * Susan      
  as in cookbook CAS-9321 Jen Juergen      
Parallel Processing            
  Starting casa using MPI CAS-9322 Sandra Justo      
  Multi MS CAS-9322 Sandra Justo      
  Parallel Calibration CAS-9378 Justo (Sandra) Sandra, Justo      
  Parallel Imaging CAS-9378 Justo (Sandra) Sandra, Justo, Urvashi, Kumar      
Data Models            
  ASDM Definition CAS-9323 Michel Caillat, Bob Garwood Dirk P.      
  MS Definition CAS-9323 Dirk Petry        
  Cal Table Format CAS-9324 George        
  Reference Frames CAS-9379 Kumar Dirk Petry      
  Calibrator models and conventions CAS-9380 Tak        
  AIPS-CASA Dictionaries CAS-9325 Anand / Alan        
  MIRIAD-CASA Dictionaries CAS-9325 Anand / Alan        
  CLIC - CASA Dictionary CAS-9325 Anand / Alan        
AIPS++ Glossary   CASA 5.1        
Tasks   automated        
Tools   automated        
Developer Topics:
Testing Framework CAS-9381 Andy (Akeem)        
Coding Guidelines CAS-9382 Jim Jacobs        
Process Definitions            
  Jira Usage and conventions CAS-9326 Anand        
  Development Workflow CAS-9326 Anand        
  Testing Process CAS-9327 Andy / Akeem        
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