Distributing CASA To Users

This page describes requirements for distributing CASA to users on all supported OSs.

STATUS: Incomplete Draft for CASA 4.2.0 planning


The CASA Project shall distribute native packages for all of the OSs supported by the CASA Project. At this time (CASA 4.2.0 planning) this includes:

  • Debian 7.0 - deb
  • Fedora 17 - rpm
  • OS X 10.7 - dmg
  • OS X 10.8 - dmg
  • Redhat 5.7 - rpm
  • Redhat 6.3 - rpm
  • Ubuntu 12.04 LTS - deb
  • Universal Linux - tar

"Universal" Linux packages are as distribution independent as we can make them with available time and resources. These universal Linux packages support Linux distributions not on the supported OS list, and users on the supported OS list that do not have root access on their systems to install native packages.

We are also discussing distributing binary MacPorts tbz2 packages. This has not been decided.


We will distribute packages to users via the following:


All of the mechanisms to be used require or can use a web server to host repositories. CASA shall use one web server to host these repositories. Which web server shall be determined by the NRAO Helpdesk.

Each repository shall be distinct. For example, dmg, deb, rpm, and tar repositories shall reside in separate URLs. Also, similar packages for different distributions shall be distinct. For example, rpms for Fedora 17, Redhat 5, and Redhat 6 shall reside in separate URLs. Finally, each repository URL shall be organized as required by the native package manager.


Only tested packages shall be published to these repositories. Untested packages will distributed within the project using other repositories.

Each repository shall have enough disk space to contain at least:

  • The last six CASA release packages published for each OS.
  • The last six CASA stable packages published for each OS.

We will not distribute either CASA test or nightly packages from these repositories.

Repository Administration

All repositories shall be contained within one logical directory tree.

Repositories shall be administered by the user casaadm. casaadm shall have full read/write/delete permissions on all repository URLs. No other user or group shall have write/delete permissions on any repository URL.

casaadm shall be able to administer repositories by using a mounted file system available to Linux computers in ether CV or SOC (prefer SOC). For example, the contents of casa.nrao.edu may be administered by authorized users by adding, deleting, or moving files in /home/casa.nrao.edu, which is auto mounted on Linux systems in SOC.

Space Requirements

Recent OS X packages (10.6 and 10.7), have averaged under 400MB. Recent Redhat 5 univeral Linux packages have averaged under 750MB.

Guessing Debian, Fedora, and Ubuntu packages will be at least this large, our predictable near term disk space requirements are < 100GB.

Download Logs

We would like access to the download logs for these repositories. We do not require real time logs. Weekly summaries would be good.

-- ScottRankin - 2013-05-22
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