CASA-4.7 Release Planning

Target Feature Freeze Date: 1 Aug 2016

  • VI/VB2 Integration (scratchless behavior)
  • Allow imaging of partially flagged correlations (at least things like imaging stokes I when only RL or LR are flagged... ).
  • Stokes Q, U, V images standalone
  • MakePB C++ integration
  • pbcor and wideband pbcor in c++
  • Threaded Gridder Generalization (May be more than 1 cycle)
  • Memory usage and automated heuristics
  • Tool interface normalization (using lists)
  • Task data selection when vis specifies a list of data sets.
  • Time estimator (Flagging / tClean)
  • Iterative Auto-masking

Refactoring and Integration with VI/VB2
  • SetJy
  • uvcontsub
  • statwt

Preparation for pipeline polarization

Tool / Infrastructure
  • Update / clean up, removal of ms-selector
  • VI/VB2 in Calibration (completion)
  • Modularization of TVI Interface
  • Intent Selection in virtual models
  • Enable OTF Hann Smoothing in Calibration Solvers

Performance / Cluster
  • Pipeline HPC (Imaging)
  • C++ MPI For tClean
  • Resource management inside of parallel operations
  • Create symbolic links for the sub-tables inside the Sub-MSs of a Multi-MS
  • Move mstransform based utilities to primary production —> cvel2
  • Allow combination of SPWs with different number of channels (either originally or selection) in cvel2

Image Analysis
  • Image Moments refactor
  • Continued UVFits issues.
  • IA Logging
  • Allow && operator on masks w/ stretching if required.
  • Remove constraint that ellipsoid much be inside lattice

Single Dish: (full targets list at NRAO JIRA)
  • Cycle 4 support
    • support calibration of fast-scanning observations (including spline interpolation and ephemeris correction of pointing direction in edge detection)
    • gain calibration of double-circle scans
  • MS transition
    • use of line finder in tsdfit
    • sinusoidal fitting
    • polarization average
    • support averaging in tsdfit
    • clipping in imaging
    • side band separation
    • output visibility to ascii files
  • Nobeyama support
    • NOSTAR -> MS filler
  • Plotter extension
    • proto-type task of profile maps
    • plotter to support interactive operation

  • Missing features to replace plotCal
  • TVI based averaging
  • Bug and Helpdesk issues
  • show header information
  • improve legend
  • connect dots in plot

Infrastructure / Build
  • Support for RHEL-7
  • Prepare for migration to BitBucket /Bamboo
  • Carta Integration to build system
  • Introduction of Structure 101 / Understand into build system
  • Crash Reporter (Brakepad based)
  • Removal of simple cluster
  • CASA Environment rework
  • Update of Data Repository Script
  • CASA startup options cleanup

Other Efforts
  • CARTA Development (ALMA Development Project)
  • Documentation System Design and implementation
  • I/O Investigation Group
  • VLASS Imaging

-- JeffKern - 2016-03-14
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