CASA Build and Test Group Meeting


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USA Toll Number: +1-203-566-3863


Mark Rawlings, Darrell Schiebel, Shinnosuke Kawakami,

Post-meeting edits and additions are in blue text.


  • Status of current CASA packages
    • Test
    • Stable
    • Release - 4.2.2 out for OS X (10.8) and RHEL 5 and 6. 4.2.2 release has been successfully installed in Japan.
  • Hiring Status
    • Still receiving applications for B&T engineer
    • Interviewing ongoing for Testing Automation position (Andy Hale's group) Mark and Darrell are on the hiring committee for this position as well.
  • Build and Test Review Status
  • Casacore unification - For reference, Jim's proposed plan was as follows:
    1. Merge our Casacore into GC casacore. This will require us to flush all casacore mods in and then let Ger to the final merge (finally).
    2. Build CASA against GC casacore (platforms?)
    3. Test CASA/GC casacore against our various regression tests, etc.
    4. Create a Jenkins job that will handle B+T of codebase using GC casacore.
    5. Keep a cached, readonly copy of GC casacore locally(?) to prevent a glitch at googlecode from allowing us to build. Also we should maintain periodic a backup copies.
    6. Go live and live happily ever after. wink Two additional preliminiary steps have been added to this:
    • 0.5. Attempt to build against the GC casacorem and identify problems. DONE. Shinnosuke has effectively completed this task.
    • 0.75 Iteratively fix bugs and attempt to build again. This will be Shinnosuke's B&T primary assignment for the short-term.

  • B&T news from Charlottesville.
    • Darrell has been working on increasing automation of the generation of the CASA test packages. When he flips the appropriate switch, the test packages should be built daily. They will then be regression tested, and sufficiently-successful packages (from a testing perspective) will be moved to the stable branch. This system will also have the side-benefit of providing Socorro developers with nighty builds.
  • B&T news from EA.
    • Many of the CASA 4.3 Single Dish jobs have been done.
    • Shinnsuke has worked on removing the "asynch = T" option from the tasking system (see CAS-6461). This is more-or-less done, and could be tested by appropriate users under RHEL 6.
    • Shinnosuke has been working on the casacore unification issue (also see above). The work for this is tracked on Jira ticket CAS-6929. He has been able to build GC-casacore, (latest version 1.7.0) on RHEL6 successfully. However GC-casacore + code (with casa-data/trunk) failed with many errors at the cmake stage. Version checking has caused issues, but Jim has some ideas about this. There are, however, currently many additional errors. Shinnosuke will try to look into modifying the code, maybe during this next week.
  • Next meeting: October 7th, 2014
  • Any Other Business
    • None

Action Items Arising

  • None

-- MarkRawlings - 2014-09-23
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