CASA Build & Test System - Preliminary Design Review (PDR) Agenda

  • Date: TBD
  • Location: DSOC Auditorium

Purpose of the Review

  1. The purpose of the Preliminary Design Review is to certify completion of the preliminary design of the CASA Build & Test System.
  2. The PDR will cover issues such as the system requirements, concept of operation (workflow), system architecture, sub-system specifications, and preliminary designs for sub-systems. System interfaces, risk areas, long-lead items, and system-level trade-studies may also be presented.

Review Panel Charge:

  1. The review panel is charged with:
    1. Determining whether the designs proposed meet the approved System Requirements.
    2. Evaluating the design proposed for technical risk, and issuing recommendations that may be incorporated in the design development of the system.
  2. Review Panel tasks:
    1. Read documentation presented in advance of the review.
    2. Attend the morning design review.
    3. Hold a closed door session to discuss the morning design review.
    4. Hold an exit interview with the design team.
    5. Issue a report with a summary of their findings within two weeks of the review.
    6. Address the charge for each of the designs presented.

Outcome of the Review

  1. The desired end result of the review is a panel recommendation to proceed with detailed design development, hardware procurement/deployment, and system implementation.

Review Panel

Role Name Organization Contact Information
Chair TBD    
Member TBD    
Member TBD    
Member TBD    

Review Deliverables

  1. System Requirements
  2. Compliance Matrix
  3. System Architecture & Sub-System Specifications
  4. Preliminary Design
  5. Implementation Plan


Hour Presentation Presenter
8:30am Programmatic Review J. Kern
8:45am Purpose of the Review J. Kern
9:00am System Requirements M. Rawlings
10:00am System Architecture & Specifications D. Schiebel
10:30am Coffee Break  
10:40am Preliminary System Design TBDl
11:40am Implementation Plan M. Rawlings
12:10am Meeting Conclusion & Action Item Review J. Kern
12:30pm Lunch (Team & Review Panel)  
1:30pm Review Panel Closed-Door Meeting  
2:30pm Review Panel Exit Interview with Team  

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