Monday Morning Meeting 19 August 2019

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  • Phone: (434) 817-6524

News / Management
  • Office Space - working on several new options
  • Wednesday Aug 21 : Stakeholder meeting to discuss 5.7/6.1 implementation plan
  • CUC Annual Meeting - 10/3-4 in CV
  • CARTA F2F - 11/12-15 in SO
    • Agenda and Logistics planning underway
    • Need meeting wiki page
  • CASA 6 - release date TBD
  • CNGI - Framework Trade Study Report
    • Initial review discussion planned for this week (lots of people out)
    • Review discussion also planned for next week
  • CNGI - Conceptual Design Review
    • Design document preparation underway
    • Reference MS file format development underway
    • Review Panel - TBD
    • Date - September


  • Stakeholder Requirement Page : Notes have been added to most of the items, either to say they're scheduled, or need more input, or reasons why they are not going to happen.
  • Developer page for 5.7/6.1 : A list of sci-dev tickets that are (tentatively) scheduled. Everything here is a result of discussions with relevant developers, or what has been added independently. Please check and make edits as needed. Thanks.
    • We can edit/prune this list as needed once RR and UR review the larger picture (and account for unplanned-for casa 6 debugging).
    • RR will add tickets for infrastructure and CARTA/visualization work.
    • George will fill in Calibration tickets and VLBI work plans this week
    • Tickets for verification test goals (functional and stakeholder) need to be filled in.
    • Remaining topics that are waiting for a decision. Listed as 'grey' for now on the dev page.
      • CAS-11859/CASR-322 statwt time binning : Few weeks from D.Mehringer. Needs confirmation on specification first, and will involve some infrastructure changes.
      • flagdata : CAS-12270 : A book-keeping 'feature' that overcounts the number of flagged points for the log summary.
      • flagdata : CAS-6215/CAS-11910 : Time averaging in flagdata. Problen : Cannot combine agents with averaging ?
      • CASR-357 : Blocker : Users need only selected parts of the MS to change, but the rest left untouched. mstransform can't do this right now, with good reason (meta data shapes change). Will it suffice to just require that the pipeline re-concat with the rest of the MS outside the task ?
      • CAS-10031 : Bug fix requested by JAO to RR. casa.qtapp intermittently raises Fatal IO error at exit
      • CAS-8335 : plotms : caltable averaging : requires low level infrastructure work. Maybe punt to CNGI plotting demo?
      • CAS-12537 : veltype='optical' bug : anything to do here ?
      • CASR-318 ( Plone page with specifications ) : uvcontfit/sub : Sci-reqs and specifications are ready. We have not yet been able to decide/agree on an implementation plan. The question is also being raised about whether the ALMA pipeline really needs this or not. The current understanding is that only general users critically need it because the current uvcontsub task is slow. The pipeline could use their current cal-solve-apply method along with fixvis to achieve what they need for cycle 8.

  • Confluence/JIRA Question : Does anyone here know how to achieve something like the example HERE ? It seems like a neat way to have auto-updating JIRA lists along with the ability to add custom notes, and preserving task substructure.
    • It looks like without purchasing an extension the official suggestion is to create a table with a row for each JIRA issue key below the filter. Unfortuantely then you have to manually update. FWIW, ATM requested that extension via Atlassian marketplace on 20190812

  • CASA 5.6.P1 tickets are listed at the top of the 5.7/6.1 development page (Ryan - please move this elsewhere if needed)

  • CASA 6
    • Status update ?
    • test_tclean failure on master (for casa6). Will be looked at.

Build / Testing

  • Infrastructure
    • N/A
  • Unit
    • N/A
  • Verification
    • N/A
  • Validation
    • N/A

User Liaison Updates

  • N/A

Pipeline Updates

  • N/A

Single Dish Development

  • Wataru Kawasaki
  • Takeshi Nakazato
  • Renaud Miel
  • Suminori Nishie

-- UrvashiRV - 2019-08-16
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