Monday Morning Meeting August 4th, 2014

  • USA Toll Free Number: 866-901-8266
  • USA Toll Number: +1-203-566-3863


  • Socorro: Rob, Lindsey, Tak, Kumar, Sanjay, Urvashi,
  • CV: Dave, Andy, Darrell
  • Garching: Justo, Sandra, Dirk
  • SCO:

  • Jeff out today. George, Jim & Susan on leave.

News / Meetings / Visitors

  • NAOJ Visit last week
    • Summary of meeting noted below under development.
  • Mark in Chile
  • Jeff heading to Chile on Wednesday

Build, Release, Testing

  • 4.2.2
    • RHEL Pre-release (EL 5)
      • EL6 deployed in the AOC? No, 4.3 will be first EL6 deployed.
    • ACTION: Rob to follow up with the AOC deployment.
    • OSX 10.8 build
      • Working on script to generate the package. Should be out this week.
    • CAS-6285 to be merged by Sandra.
    • Will need another pre-release.
      • Lindsey to confirm Todd's changes are merged.
      • Sandra to merge CAS-6285.
  • 4.3 (trunk) test package
    • Linux test build works for Darrell and Dirk. Sandra ran functional tests, all passed.
  • User tester meeting
  • Change in practice - For now, developers merging their changes onto the release branch should be considered the standard operating procedure.
  • ACTION: Need an official announcement on CASA 4.2.2 release.


  • Technical Forums


  • Common Statistics Framework
    • Meeting to discuss possible implementation.
    • Casacore
      • Ger probably won't want it integrated here.
      • Need to address casacore integration as a broader issue.
      • Scimath equivalent under code.
      • To replace imagestatistics would require implementation in casacore. Could have code statistics package to build over casacore statistics package?
    • Tasks: calstat, imstat, sdstat, statwt, visstat
    • Pipeline also has some stand alone statistics.
    • Imaging and flagging also have some statistics implemented. (rflag, imager, etc).
    • ACTION: Pick a time for next week.

  • HPC
    • Status review and discussion.
    • Meeting time, place, and attendees.
    • 8am Thursday
      • ACTION: Rob to send agenda.

  • NAOJ Meeting Last Week (Jeff)
    • Given current observing schedule, aiming for parallel SD testing Dec 2014
    • Discussed migration plan from Scan table to MS for CASA single dish capabilities
      • Total project estimated at 1.5 years
      • Phase 1 (which is core functionality) targeted for 4.4 cycle.
      • Will require increased technical communication with NAOJ colleagues


  • 4.2.2 Pipeline release.
    • Plotbandpass fix was only blocker.
    • RHEL Testing
      • Plotms is much more stable now. Will need to test with higher data volumes.
    • OSX 10.8 Testing
      • OSX workstation allocated to Lindsey for testing. No other progress.


  • Lindsey has a concern about some of the flagdata tickets reported below. Sandra and Lindsey to discuss. CAS-6791 in particular is contentious.
  • CAS-6746 needs a follow up. Does not affect EVLA, but is affecting ALMA Cycle 2 data.
    • Merge to trunk, test first. Watch regression results.
    • Can merge to 4.2.2 if it doesn't break anything.

Developer Reports

Monday Meeting
  • Sanjay Bhatnagar
    • No news.
  • Sandra Castro
    • CAS-6746: "inconsistencies between FLAG_ROW and FLAG cube."
      • We continued to debug this problem and found that the problem is very likely to be due to the Store Manager used for FLAG_ROW inside SubMS. Justo has sent a technical memo explaining his findings.
      • Working on translating/improving these ALMA reduction scripts to make better use of flagdata's features. Found a difference between list and interface flagging. Am working on this. I will post my suggestions in CSV-3014 as requested by E. Villard.
    • CAS-6074: "the pipeline needs a way to control the creation of flagdata agents in list mode". They've requested to have a strict mode to raise and exception as soon as the first agent fails to be created. This should be added to 4.3 or 4.4 priority list.
    • CAS-6805: "importasdm should only overwrite online text files if overwrite=True". Asked Jeff for his feedback on this. There was a requirement that the flag commands should be appended to the existing file. The pipeline doesn't want this.
    • CAS-6791: "Add a check for flagdata parameters in the current parser". Implemented a strict check on the flag commands parsed to the flagdata task. This will stop the task execution if any parameter in the list is not a flagdata parameter. It will also stop if any parameter has the wrong type. In testing phase.
    • User support for partition and flagdata (display mode).
    • Verifying the new casapy-test today.
  • Lindsey Davis
    • Pipeline 4.2.2 release debugging and testing
      • Regression testing analysis
      • Cleanup of remaining 4.2.2 ALMA interferometry pipeline release bugs / issues
      • Debugging EVLA pipeline 4.2.2 pipeline
    • Analysis of initial pipeline results for ALMA spectral scan data sets
    • Analysis of initial pipeline results for ALMA data sets with ephemeris tables
    • Attended several single dish meeting sessions
    • Submitted comments on new build and test system requirements
    • Discussions on enables ALMA pipeline use for QA0 unset and failed data
    • Review of SSA group OODT work
  • Kumar Golap
    • Worked mainly on converting some FTMachines and VisModelData to directly support vb2
  • Justo Gonz├ílez Villalba
    • CAS-6746: "inconsistencies between FLAG_ROW and FLAG cube": Completed the investigation about FLAG_ROW/FLAG inconsistenciestogether with Sandra
      • Reached the conclusion that the problem comes from using an Incremental Store Manager for FLAG_ROW, which seems to have problems with RW access when working with large discontinuous sub-chunks.
      • Verified that a fix based on using a Standard Store Manager for FLAG_ROW in SubMS fixes the problem (SubMS is used by asdm2MS and split).
      • Produced a technical report explaining in detail the reasoning of our investigation, which we hope can be the basis for a fix in the casacore's Incremental Store Manager.
      • Important: We think this fix should go to 4.2.2 as well
  • Jim Jacobs
  • Jeff Kern
    • NAOJ / JAO / Single Dish Pipeline meeting
  • Susan Loveland
    • Plotms: CAS-6802, CAS-6753
    • Viewer: CAS-6793
    • CARTA
  • David Mehringer
    • Modified MSSummary to account for the end half-intervals correctly in MS start/stop/elapsed times reporting, CAS-5359.
    • Investigated CAS-5553, imregrid leaves open and regridded table. Couldn't reproduce, reassigned to requester asking if this was still an issue for them.
    • Worked with Susan to resolve CAS-6793, Conversion of frequency units broken in Viewer/Profiler
    • Made first draft of design document available for ComponentListImage, CAS-5837.
    • Pinged Malte for ETA on when he will have ASAP dependency on components module removed so I can complete compoents migration from casacore to code, CAS-6739.
  • George Moellenbrock
  • Dirk Petry
  • Urvashi Rao
    • Nothing for CASA this week.
  • Darrell Schiebel
    • testing interviews - questions, HR summaries, discussion
    • redhat test version - Scott had created an independent script for starting casa with linux, likely to either work toward a independent script for OSX & linux or an independent script for linux versions. I incorporated this script into the automated build script.

  • Rob Selina
    • HPC Sub-project research & planning
    • OSX release - work on script to create application from basic template which provides locations for executables and resources but pulls dependencies via otool
    • CASA 4.4 requirements capture.
    • Imstat noise estimating algoritms req. capture complete.

  • Takahiro Tsutsumi
    • Some help doc updates to clarify use of intent selections with usescratch = False
    • Bug fix in setjy (CAS-5941)
    • Wrote some unit tests for setpol functionality in setjy
    • Attended some single dish meetings

Friday NAOJ Meeting
  • Kanako Sugimoto
  • Wataru Kawasaki
  • Takeshi Nakazato
  • Shinnosuke Kawakami

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