Monday Morning Meeting 4/22/19

  • IP:
  • Phone: (434) 817-6524

News / Management
  • CNGI Software Trade Study Report due this week
  • CASA Newsletter going out this week
  • Revised CASA Development Process work continues
    • L1/L2 Verification renamed to Functional/Numerical Verification
  • Bamboo test plan updates
    • Remove old tests
    • Add test_refimager in parallel mode
  • Note: Easter bank holidays in Germany: Fri 19 - Mo 22.


  • Calibration and Flagging
    • N/A
  • Imaging
    • VLASS Imaging/Verification update
  • Data Visualization
    • N/A
  • Import / Export
    • N/A
  • Infrastructure
    • N/A
  • Simulation
    • N/A
  • CASA 6
    • imager control from python
      • added shutdown interface
      • succeeded in opening viewer panel via grpc
  • UVcontsub
    • Re-defining requirements (within CASA-dev) and presenting to Stakeholders (Apr 24).

Build / Testing

  • Infrastructure
    • N/A
  • Unit
    • N/A
  • Verification
    • Testing docker to deploy different CASA test environments
    • What is the status of the gaincal merge, George? See the PR here
    • First VLASS Level 2 verification test is ready (need to coordinate with Andy et al about where to put it and how to run it)
    • Starting the process of requesting purchase for new build/test hardware
  • Validation
    • CAS-12168, more testing
    • CAS-9108 et al, more testing/set up a polarization workflow
    • CAS-11460, finalize testing
    • CAS-7210, more testing (there's a list)
    • CAS-9621, testing (both mtmfs with multi scale and multi scale in cube)
    • CAS-5740, revamp testing
    • CAS-10518, test
    • CASA 6 general testing (not 5.6, but simultaneous to it)
    • CAS-12381, viewer testing (need to get somebody for this ASAP)

User Liaison Updates

  • CASA Newsletter: publication date Wed April 24. Should we postpone Newsletter until CASA 5.5 is released?
  • CUC mid-term update with new chair D.J. Pisano: proposed dates April 23, 25, May 8, 9

Pipeline Updates

  • Long header keyword in CASA image: agreed with a solution for VLA ( PIPE-325)
  • VLA regression failure: Brian created a ticket ( CAS-12412) assigned to Kumar. tclean result, e.g., RMS, differs in a several percent level on RHEL6 and 7.
  • ALMA related: python 3 and RHEL7 migration meetings took place last week.
    • RHEL7: NAASC started to migrate to RHEL7. JAO follows in May. EU and EA later.
    • python 3 migration of almasw: start work in 2020. target cycle is Cycle 9
  • pilot operation of SRDP will start in July

Single Dish Development
  • Wataru Kawasaki
  • Takeshi Nakazato
  • Renaud Miel
    • CAS-9842import asap inline help
      • Verification/validation complete. Pull request.
  • Suminori Nishie
    • CAS-8418Higher order poinitng interpolation ( PointingDirectionCalculator) , 5.6 , "Under Verification"
      • Code review by Takeshi. Revised and Pushed. (done)
      • Memory leak or other critical part inspection. (done)
      • Wrting technical document of testing sequence and code structure. (In progress)
    • Obtaining higher C++skills, (OOD/OOP)
      • Reading widely textbooks of coding technique and modern SW-engineering methodology.
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