Monday Morning Meeting 11 APRIL 2016

  • IP:
  • Phone: (434) 817-6524


  • Socorro: Jeff, Martin, Susan, Juergen, Pam, Tak, George, Kumar, Sanjay, Urvashi
  • CV: Andy, Akeem, Ville, Dave, Darrell, Jen
  • Garching: Sandra, Justo, Dirk
  • SCO:

News / Meetings / Visitors

  • CARTA Demo in CV
  • CASA Development Center

Build, Release

  • Ville: ASAP checkouts are still failing intermittently
  • CASA-4.5.3 xvfb timeouts
    • Could be something to look into CAS-8501
  • Issue with tSimpleSimVI2 continues

Verification Testing

  • test 810 Ngc3256 is not passing on 4.7, though it was on 4.6 - due to RMS in selfcal continuum outisde of tolerance
    • assigned to George
  • Testing spreadsheet

Validation Testing

  • Cleared the deck for 4.6!
  • Looking forward to 4.7


  • Technical Forums:


  • Fixed the issues I had with virtualconcat when the MMS sub-tables are all symbolic links. Am running many tests and will commit the new structure soon. (CAS-7896)
  • Justo reported that when memory resident is switched on in .casarc, large differences are seen after running clean/tclean in alma-m100-hpc. This was already happening a year ago, as posted in CAS-8490. Jim had a fix in the MeasurementSets class, but I found issues with missing table keywords. I think we lost track of this and the fix was never committed to casacore. Jim, could you please verify this again?
  • Time to start testing tClean in parallel.



  • 4.5.3 is released and now in use


Developer Reports

Monday Meeting
  • Sanjay Bhatnagar
    • VI/VB2 Migration: Doing integration with the tClean
  • Sandra Castro
    • As reported in HPC section. Worked on new structure of Multi-MS.
    • Verified CAS-8461: flagdata mode="summary" ignores antenna selection, and could reproduce it.
    • Completed test spreadsheet for test team.
  • Lindsey Davis
  • Pam Ford
    • CAS-8337 Resolved (avgspw with obsid) - plotms avgchannel='1e10' argument causing error or hang; worked just fine in release 4.5! Justo looking into it (MSTransformManager). Jen created ticket CAS-8487 for 4.7, sent email to Juergen to add to known issues for 4.6
    • CAS-2585 RTT (set fonts in plotms)
    • CAS-186 RTT (correlation added to plotms iteraxis options)
    • CAS-8374 (port casaqt to Qwt 6) - continuing work. Seg fault in legend code not surprising: Qwt 6.1 has "a new system for plot legends".
  • Kumar Golap
    • User Support
  • Justo Gonz├ílez Villalba
    • Complete RegriddingTVI implementation
    • Follow up tclean testing in ALMA M100
    • mstransform fixes related with SPW separation
  • Jim Jacobs
  • Jeff Kern
    • Documentation
  • Susan Loveland
    • CARTA
      • Finished rework of grouped layers
      • Made histogram code asynchronous and added controls for limiting when the histogram for an entire cube should be generated.
      • Started work on down grade for build team.
  • David Mehringer
    • Completed test spreadsheet for test team.
    • (CAS-8497) exportuvfits possibly incorrectly writing antenna coordinates. WIP. ASKAP is probably not being handled properly.
    • (CAS-8472) history error on importfits. WIP. This is likely due to the fact that synthesis tasks were concatenating the entire history of an MS into a single string and writing it to the created image. Kumar has fixed that (CAS-8496). Awaiting fix on the times being copied since they are currently nonsensical and confusing our time conversion code.
    • (CAS-8447) refactor MSMetaData to allow subclasses to implement multithreading. RTT. Finally completed and merged. Thanks to Julian for many suggestions. Code to get scan and subscans now runs using multiple openmp threads. listobs, for example, is much faster on moderate and large size datasets.
    • (CAS-8488) ia.set() should write history to image it modifies. RTT
    • (CAS-8483) ia.rename() should write image history. RTT
    • (CAS-8477) exportuvfits not honoring multiple spectral windows in FEED table. WIP. Discussions with what to do should RECEPTOR_ANGLE vary with spectral window. It appears that in such cases, spectral windows must be written separately.
    • (CAS-8486) ia.sepconvolve() should write history to created image. RTT.
    • (CAS-8485) ia.replacemaskedpixels() should write history. RTT.
    • (CAS-8482) myia.rotatebeam() should write history to image. RTT
    • (CAS-8481) ia.rotate() should write history to output image. RTT
    • (CAS-7081) After changing RECEPTOR_ANGLE in MS either exportuvfits or importuvfits resets it to zero. UT. Tester reports the problem has not been fixed, but using her dataset and current trunk, I verified it has been fixed, so not sure what's going on there.
  • George Moellenbrock * Ionosphere correction, George thinks Faraday has wrong sign.
  • Dirk Petry
    • On Travel
  • Martin Pokorny
    • VLA:
    • Lose threads on visstat 2
    • Starting to look at IO
  • Urvashi Rao
    • User support
  • Darrell Schiebel
    • Out most of week
    • Started getting accepted tests to run on Mac
  • Ville Suoranta
    • Releases
    • Wideband mosaic test (old imager)
  • Julian Taylor
    • Starting to look at IO stuff, fixed an issue in cascore (30% in split, 10% in flagdata)
  • Takahiro Tsutsumi
    • Continued work on automask in tclean (testing and modifications)
    • A bug fix in the mask handler in tclean (it was causing parallel tclean to fail as reported in CAS-8186)
Friday NAOJ Meeting
  • Kanako Sugimoto
  • Wataru Kawasaki
  • Masaya Kuniyoshi
  • Takeshi Nakazato
  • Renaud Miel

-- PamFord - 2016-04-08
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