Monday Morning Meeting April 7th

  • USA Toll Free Number: 866-901-8266
  • USA Toll Number: +1-203-566-3863


  • Socorro: Jim, Jeff, Rob, Susan, Lindsey, Juergen, Scott, Urvashi, George, Tak
  • CV: Andy, Mike, Darrell, Mark
  • Garching:Dirk, Sandra
  • SCO:

News / Meetings / Visitors

  • ALMA Dev. Study AstroPy: 7-18 April
  • ALMA ObsMode: April 14-16
    • Agenda distributed last week.
  • Dirk Petry Visit: 12-23 May
  • Imaging Synthesis Workshop May 13-20
  • Jeff in CV this week
    • Will be in the office tomorrow.
    • Working with Adam Leroy on ALMA-D study for python integration.
  • Jeff at Exascale Radio Astronomy meeting last week in LA - HPC and Radio Astronomy blend.
    • Strong NRAO presence. Also LWA, LOFAR, SKA, etc.
    • Representation from NVIDIA and others in industry, looking for collaboration opportunities.
    • ASIC vs FPGA vs GPU technical discussions.
    • Parallelism per job is often low on these clusters, similar to CASA. May fit our model.
    • Balance between computation and I/O is being quantified in research for new architectures.

Build, Release, Testing

  • CASA 4.2.1 Release on OSX
    • Readline and uconv fixes have been identified, but not implemented.
    • Additional JIRA ticket identified.
    • Juergen to review DMG today.
  • CASA 4.2.1 Release on EL
    • Equivalent performance to 4.2.0.
    • Release shortly.
  • Test and Stable Packages
    • Next test package not scheduled. Not expected until OSX is released.
  • CASA 4.2.2
    • Open branch for developers today.
    • Pre-merging testing complete. Starting to collect SVN IDs to merge.


  • New Technical Forums:
    • April 17th - Lindsey - Pipelines
  • Modern compiler and C++ 11
    • Shoot for implementation soon after 4.3 is released to allow sufficient time for debugging issues.
    • Open discussion with Ger on casacore use of C++11. Would be limited use.
    • Need to determine implementation plan from collected requirements.
  • Environmental variables.
  • CASA Document Repository.
    • Feedback requested by the end of this week on approach.
    • Proceeding to implementation next week if no objections are raised.


  • 4.2.1
  • 4.2.2
    • Open branch for developers today.
    • Pre-merging testing complete. Starting to collect SVN IDs to merge.
    • George has flagging ready to commit. Weights requires a little more work before committing to the branch.
    • Sandra has her changes ready for pipeline
    • Tak has fluxscale and setjy changes ready
    • Susan will merge plotms as a whole.
    • Framebuffer fix will NOT make it into the release. Cannot release enough of Darrell's time, will roll to 4.3.
    • Include George's fix for Obsid.
    • CASA 4.2.2. Plan
  • 4.3
    • Schedule
      • Trying to rationalize the releases to match ALMA October cycles and EVLA reconfigurations.
      • Significant overlap in EVLA and ALMA needs for a given cycle/semester.
    • George has been working on Ionosphere work with Jason Kooi. Will be in reasonable shape by the end of the month.
      • Jason will be pushing to have this released soon. Will need to get the test and stable releases out, or include in 4.2.2.
    • Clean refactor
      • Continuing to add details. Spectral definitions from Tak will lead into another task interface to test.
      • New task interface will run the major cycle. Need buy-in from CSSC and others before proceeding with further development.


  • Working on blockers on ALMA punch list and weblog meeting.
  • Solved issues of script generating. Working on topics page, pending input from Stuart.
  • Schedule is a concern, as well as the OSX requirement.
  • ~70% of ALMA pipeline jobs work as well as a person would. SNR and other concerns fail for other 30%.
  • EVLA heuristics will be available for testing within the building in the near future.


  • Wvrgcal issue discovered. George and Dirk have agreed on flagging approach. Dirk has committed a fix over the weekend. Include in 4.2.2. CAS-6384
    • Only affects 0.5% of the data, so not terribly visible to the user.
    • As of 4.2, wvrgcal does not ignore online flags.
    • May have an unintended effect on the pipeline that will need to be monitored.
  • Merging for 4.2.2. Dirk would appreciate instructions.
    • Scott plans to send out instructions today.

-- RobSelina - 2014-04-01
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