Kickoff Meeting for Selection Committee To Fill SE Position 003081

  • Place: CV-ER 230
  • Time: Wednesday, May 24th at 2PM


Planned Selection timeline

  • Initial review of applications concludes: May 31st
  • Phone interviews conclude: June 14th
  • Completion of in person interviews: June 30th
  • Selection of successful candidate by: July 15th
  • Target start date: August 22nd

Selection Committee Responsibilities (from NRAO Recruitment Guide)

  • Conducts meetings professionally and impartially;
  • Ensures that every application receives thorough review and all regulations, guidelines and deadlines are observed;
  • Complies with the expectations and purpose of the Search Committee, as explained to you by the Hiring Manager;
  • Appoints a Search Committee member to keep notes about Search Committee decisions, including reasons for selecting and not selecting applicants. Selection and hiring decisions must be properly documented and maintained. Otherwise, the Hiring Manager will document the hiring decision;
  • Provide copies of the job announcement and advertisements to each member of the Search Committee;
  • Ensure that each Search Committee member fully understands what the job entails, and the qualifications required of the position;
  • Ensure that clear selection criteria have been established in advance of discussing applicants. Explore these for gender, ethnic and other biases;
  • The Search Chair, or Hiring Manager complete the electronic recruitment summary at the end of the recruitment process and update applicant status
  • HR Employment is available to assist in this process.
  • Be committed to enhancing the diversity of Staff
  • Carefully study the applicants' files, take part in all Search Committee activities and meet every deadline in the selection of NRAO policies regarding both the selection process and the principles of equal opportunity;
  • Adhere to confidentiality requirements. Keep discussions private what is said during a meeting stays in the room. In accepting Search Committee membership, each member assumes the responsibility not to divulge any information about the applicants to anyone, whether that person is an NRAO employee or someone who works outside NRAO;
  • Evaluate each applicant based on job related criteria only. Most selection processes involve more than one screening, with subsequent screenings becoming increasingly qualitative and complex;
  • Be fair, impartial and open minded during the review and consideration of applicants.
  • HR Employment is available to assist in this process.

Position discussion

  • Qualifications
    • Responsibilities
      • The SSA group is in the process of transitioning to Postgresql, as well as using Atlassian products for Continuous Integration (bamboo, JIRA, bitbucket server)
      • The applications the SSA group are responsible for are written in Java and javascript (PST, OPT, AAT)
      • This individual would implement at some level functional tests (provided by developers) in to a test framework
      • Get a handle on the testing happening in the fork of ALMA Request Handler
    • Pertinent experience
      • Can easily use linux
      • Object Oriented programming experience (preferably java or javascript)
      • Experience with version control systems and continuous integration
      • Implementing and maintaining test harnesses (for automated software testing)
      • Comfortable with navigating relational databases (lower then DB admin level)
  • Rating candidates
    • Committee members are asked to score each applicant on a scale of 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest) to facilitate this process.
    • Do we want to use numbers instead of names for the applicants? i.e. prevent bias
  • Interview questions
    • Prepare baseline questions to be asked of each candidate, to ensure a uniform interview process.
    • Each committee member is asked to prepare 2 to 3 questions.

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