CASA-VLBI Telecon (2018 Oct 30 1300 UTC)


Attendance: George, Ryan, Ilse, Mark, Des, Arpad

* (Name) = action item

1. Monthly meetings: Last Wed each month proposed. We'll use skype, as
that seems to work well and doesn't require managing meeting room

Next meeting: Nov 28 (1500UTC = 4pm @JIVE, = 10am @CV = 8am @Soc)

* (All) Please confirm next meeting date
* (George) Circulate proposed meeting dates ~6 months into the future

* (George) Establish centralized repository for this meeting's agenda/minutes

2. Re ~annual report for managers: agreed important, but not especially
urgent at the moment. Already similar reports generated at JIVE.
Will followup on this at future meetings. (Minutes repository will be of great value here.)

3. Requirements merge: Discuss merge, and maintaining the
resulting doc at next meeting.

* (George) Ping Walter for a copy of the older req. doc.

4. Verification/validation: So far, a relatively organic but
conscientious approach to merging code, documentation and testing;
henceforth will try to adhere to a more systematic approach that
involves "verification tests" to verify claims of documentation, with
scientific user "validation" to follow. Verification tests to likely
become public demonstration of features, performance, etc. Need to add
scientific validation testers to JIRA so they can interact with the

* (Mark/Des) Task-level verification tests are needed for existing
VLBI functionality. (Probably some additional coord needed here
re form, test data, logistics, etc.)

5. Documentation: Goal is to have documentation or revisions in place or

staged before making the corresponding pull request, or even earlier,

if review by stakeholders is needed.

* (George) Ask Bjorn to add Isle, Mark, and Des to plone so they can
directly edit VLBI documentation.

6. Handling bug reports: Ilse now a 'curator' for CASA/VLBI issues on the
NRAO helpdesk. So far no helpdesk tickets for CASA/VLBI have come in,
most likely because users so far are contacting the JIVE group
directly. For now this is ok, but may direct users to helpdesk if
pressures increase.

7. "Workshop" branch (CAS-10684): Recently went to sleep (pushes don't
trigger builds, etc.).

* (George) Ping Ville about reviving CAS-10684 on bamboo.
* (George) Look into correlation-dependent flagging issue (CAS-695)
which is an obstacle to some VLBI processing (including EHT). (NB:
CAS-10684 branch contains the trivial 'fix' for this.) Need
a solution which does not adversely affect ALMA/EVLA pipeline
processing, which may be implicitly depending on
correlation-independent flagging.

8. New features:

* (Mark/Des) The following items will be organized on JIRA tickets
within the VLBI epic and labeled by version so they can be
incorporated into the general CASA planning documentation.
Disposition of other existing VLBI tickets will be reviewed.

- rereferencing of fringe-fit solutions: ~ready for workflow/merge
for 5.5 on a new ticket
- convergence criterium: ~ready for workflow/merge for 5.5, on a new
- alternate refant for FFT solve in fringefit: in progress, for 5.5
- dispersive delays: initial version works, will plan for merge
- fitting multiple wide bands (fringefit): under study

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