CASA-VLBI Coordination Meeting: 2018 October 30, UTC 1400


* Administration
- Schedule ~monthly meeting (Raba, van Bemmel, Brisken, Moellenbrock,Kettenis, Small), to maintain admin contacts/info andmonitor/discuss technical developments
- ~Annual report for managers? (Glendenning request)
- Merge JIVE Workshop "Issues List" with older NRAO VLBI RequirementsDoc

* Verification / validation
- Who can grade our homework?

* Documentation
- Do we need plone accounts?

* Handling bug reports

* "Integration" branch (a.k.a "workshop" branch)
- Building packages
- Undesired flagging if polarization products are missing

* New features
- Existing:
+ rereferencing (fringefit)
+ convergence criterum (fringefit)
- Under development:
+ multiple reference antenna's (fringefit)
+ dispersive delays
+ fitting multiple (wide) bands (fringefit)
- JIRA tickets

* Closing old tickets
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