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CASA/JIVE VLBI Coordination Meeting

2018 November 28 @ 1500UTC


  • Meeting agenda/minutes website on NRAO Public Wiki
  • Future Meeting dates (usually last Wed of the month):
    • 2019 Jan 16
    • 2019 Feb 20 (Mark, Walter have conflicts on Feb 27)
    • 2019 Mar 27
    • 2019 Apr 24
    • 2019 May 29
NB: In general, Skype may not be workable for Walter. He'll try it sans video (at worst) next time. He can arrange conference phone #, if necessary. Videoconferencing in NRAO meeting rooms also possible.

General Admin

  • Important upcoming CASA 5.5 dates
    • Feature freeze: 2018 Dec 21, including documentation!
    • Validation complete: 2019 Jan 31
    • Release: 2019 Feb 18
  • Merge of JIVE Workshop Issues List with older NRAO VLBI Req doc
    • Trying to track down Word copy of 2013 CASA VLBI Req doc to ease merging (2018/12/03: George awaiting reply from Jeff Kern; 2018/12/04: Ilse has acquired a copy from Shep Doeleman)
    • Ilse may wish to meet again before Christmas to discuss
    • Probably should ask 2017 JIVE Workshop paricipants to review merged version early in 2019.
    • Walter asked how something like VLBI Pulse Cal processing/analysis would be incorporated in CASA, e.g., embedded with CASA calibration framework, or as an external application (e.g. maybe easier to develop and maintain in python). CASA 6 (i.e., "pythonic") well-matched to the latter. Des has a python implementation (but this needs verification).


  • Plone access ok?
    • Yes, Mark, Des, and Ilse can interact with the plone documentation
  • * (Mark/Des) Task-level verification tests are needed for existing VLBI functionality. (Probably some additional coord needed here re form, test data, logistics, etc.)
    • Neal Schweighart (CV, new CASA developer) is working on verification tests, including accor. Will connect him to Mark and Des to help frame production of these tests in general for VLBI capabilities.
    • For validation, JIVE will rely principally on local scientists. Walter interested (as time permits). Should approach Ed Fomalont, too.


  • Workshop branch ok?
    • Yes. NB: this branch used for EHT ideas-testing, etc.
    • (2018/12/03: Des reports some OS-dependent CI build problems that are frustrating generation of packages; George investigating...)
  • * (George) Look into correlation-dependent flagging issue (CAS-695)
    • Probably not for 5.5.
    • Mark has commented on CAS-695 re additional code changes needed within gaincal. George will review.
  • * (Mark/Des) The following items will be organized on JIRA tickets (rereferencing, convergence criterion, alternate refant)
    • All three of these items expected for CASA 5.5
    • Tickets: CAS-12021, CAS-11701, CAS-12036
  • * (Mark) digital corrections in importfitsidi for n-bit stations (with n > 2)
    • importfitsidi crashes when confronted with n>2-bit stations---Mark has interim fix that tolerates such stations but does not attempt to do accurate digital corrections for them.
    • Mark will make JIRA ticket and fix this for CASA 5.5: CAS-12092.
    • NB: importfitsidi is in casacore (Mark conveniently close to casacore police!)
    • Discussion to continue on more general solution, i.e., how to supply sufficient information for proper correcting for both XCs and ACs.


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