AIPS -- CASA dictionary

This appendix provides a list of common AIPS tasks, and their equivalent CASA task and tool (or tool function) names. The two packages differ in both their architecture and calibration and imaging models, and there is often not a direct correspondence. However, this index does provide a scientific user of CASA who is familiar with AIPS, with a simple translation table to map their existing data reduction knowledge to the new package.

The index includes common AIPS tasks and verbs; adverbs are not included. Capabilities which exceed those available in AIPS are not listed here.

%BEGINTABLE{label="tbl:AIPSCASA" caption="AIPS - CASA dictionary"}%
AIPS Task/Verb Description CASA Task CASA tool/function
APCLN CLEAN deconvolution (deprecated) clean im.clean
BLCAL Baseline-based (A,\phi) calibration   cb.setsolve,solve (M,MF)
BLING Baseline-based fringe-fitter   cb.setsolve,solve (K)
BPASS Bandpass calibration bandpass cb.setsolve,solve (B)
CCEDT Edit CC tables   cm
COMB Image combination   ia.calc, ia.imagepol
CPASS Polynomial bandpass calibration   cb.setsolvebandpoly,solve
CALIB (A,\phi) self-calibration gaincal cb.setsolve,solve (G)
DBCON uv-data concatenation   ms.concatenate
DTSIM Simulator   sm
DTSUM uv-data summary listobs ms.summary
FILLM VLA filler importarchive vlafiller
FITTP UVFITS writer importuvfits,exportuvfits ms.tofits,fitstoms
FRING fringe-fitter   cb.setapply, K
GETJY Set flux density scale fluxscale cb.fluxscale
IMAGR Synthesis imaging clean im
    mosaic im
IMFIT Image-plane component fitter   ia.imagefitter
IMLIN Image-plane continuum subtraction   ia.continuumsub
IMLOD FITS image filler importfits ia.imagefromfits
IMH File header summary listobs ms.summary
IMSTAT Image statistics   ia.statistics,qtviewer
ISPEC Plot image slice   qtviewer
JMFIT Image-plane component fitter   ia.imagefitter
LISTR List uv and calibration data   tablebrowser
MCAT List image catalog NA ia.summary
MOVE Move uv-data files NA not needed
MSORT Sort uv-data NA not needed
MX Synthesis imaging clean im
    mosaic im
OMFIT Fit source to uv-data   ms.modelfit
PBCOR Primary beam correction   im.setvp, vpmanager
PCAL Polarization calibration   cb.setsolve,solve
PRTAB List table data   tb
PRTAN List AN table data listobs ms.history,tb
PRTUV List uv-data   tb
RENAME Rename file name NA not needed
SETJY Set source properties setjy im.setjy
SNPLT Plot calibration solutions   cp.plot
SUBIM Extract sub-image   ia.subimage
SPFLG Interactive line data editing plotxy mp
SPLIT Apply calibration correct cb.correct
  Split out calibrated data split ms.split
TAPLT General table plotting plotxy tb, tp
TBIN Read table from ASCII format   tablefromascii
TBOUT Write table to ASCII format   tb.toascii
TRANS Transpose an image NA not needed
TVBOX Set regions in an image qtviewer qtviewer
TVFID Adjust TV display qtviewer qtviewer
TVFLG Interactive TB data editing flagxy,flagdata mp
TVLOD Load image to TV display qtviewer qtviewer
UCAT List uv-data catalog NA not needed
UVCON Simulator   sm
UVFIT uv-plane component fitter   cb.modelfit
UVFLG Command-based flagging   af
UVLOD UV-FITS filler   ms.fitstoms
UVLSF UV continuum subtraction contsub ms.continuumsub
UVMOD Simulator   sm
UVPRT List uv-data   tb
UVSRT Sort uv-data   not needed
UVSUB Source model computation   im.ft
VBPLT Baseline-based uv-data plotting   mp
VMEM MEM deconvolution   im.mem
VPLOT Baseline-based uv-data plotting plotxy mp
ZAP Delete a file rm (unix) rm (unix)

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