Building CASA for Linux

Software Dependencies

User Application

Package Version Package/rpm Description
Python 2.5 casapy-python private version of python
iPython 0.7.3 casapy-python interactive shell
matplotlib 0.90.0 casapy-python interactive plotting
pgplot 5.3.1 pgplot world coordinates
numeric 24.2 casapy-python multi-dimensional arrays
numpy casapy-python multi-dimensional arrays
dateutil 1.1 casapy-python date utils for python (matplotlib prereq)
pytz 2006p casapy-python time-zone utils for python (matplotlib prereq)
tkinter 2.5 caaapy-python TCL/Tk binding for python (matplotlib backend)
tix 8.1.4 tix Tk extensions (tkinter prereq)
rpfits 2.15 rpfits ATNF FITS (ASAP prereq)
cfitsio 3.006 cfitsio FITS I/O library
jdom 1.0 casapy Java lib for parsing XML (casabrowser prereq)
jfreechart 1.0.0 casapy Java lib for 2D plots (casabrowser prereq)
freehep 1.2.2 casapy Java lib for 3D plots (casabrowser prereq)
jcommon 1.0.0 casapy Java lib for jdbm interfaces (casabrowser prereq)
qt4 4.3.2 qt4 Qt GUI lib
qwt 5.0.2 qwt Scientific Graphics for Qt
ccmtools-python 0.5.5 casapy-ccmtools-python python binding libraries
ccmtools-shared 0.5.5 casapy-ccmtools-shared local binding libraries
dbus 1.0.0 dbus session message bus
dbus-c++ 0.5.0 C++ binding for dbus session message bus

Development (not needed by General Users)

Package Version package/rpm Description
CCMtools 0.5.5 ccmtools C++ Code Generation(CASA extensions required)
MICO 2.3.11 mico minimal CORBA
java 1.5 java Java 1.5
antlr 2.7.7 antlr Antlr Parser Generator
C/C++ 3.4 to 4.1 gcc GCC Compiler (whatever version comes with the OS)

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