Proposed Alpha Release Components/Content

Operating Systems supported: RHE4, OSX (PowerPC, Intel) [32 bit]

Distribution: rpm/darwinports based; includes casa, qtviewer, asap


  • Available tools
    • ms (WY), tables (WY), tablebrowser (WY)
    • autoflag, calibrater, imager (WY, RR, KG)
    • msplot, calplot, tableplot (SJ, KG, UV)
    • coordsys, images (RR)
    • simulator (KG)
    • asap (TT)
    • quanta (BW), measures (RR), fitting (WY), functionals (SJ), componentmod (WY), atmosphere (RR)


  • in-line help for each method/tool (JM;NAUG)
  • User Reference Manual (WY)
  • Cookbook (JM); twiki-ize (JM)

User Interface (DS)

  • casapy (iPython/Python)
  • Session Management
    • Parameter setting shell
    • save, restore of parameters
    • curses form for parameter setting
    • Python tasks for SELECT, CLEAN and FLAG
    • Type/(Range) checking


  • XML Schema (WY)
  • Document describing branches and code check-in procedures (JM/WY)
  • Testing
    • design document for revised assay (how to add tests) (BW)
    • timetable for assay migration (JM)
    • migrate ALMA/EVLA test scripts (JM)
  • ALMA Integration
    • modify load-casapy script to set environment variables (for multiple installations)
    • test casa with ACS 5.x
    • copy filler code and include in casa cvs repository (independent of ACS)
    • copy telcal code and include in casa cvs repository (independent of ACS)


  • Filler (MC)
    • support for SharedSimulator
    • support for SFI
    • real-time filler (questionable)
  • ASDM (FV; MC; RL)
    • support for SharedSimulator
    • support for Holography
    • support for SFI
    • incorporation of measures
    • adapt to revised CalDM
    • update to documenation (v3 doc)
    • single dish representation
  • Data Capture (HH)
    • support for SharedSimulator
    • support for Holography
    • support for SFI
    • incremental archive write; improved error handling
  • CASA
    • CASA Audit (JM)
    • msplot enhancements: (SJ, WY, JM)
      • fix panel, overplot, axes issues
      • unit display and selection
      • add markersize to plotoptions
      • add linewidth parameter to plotoptions
      • need unflagdata method
      • need ability to plot/highlight flagged data
      • need legends
      • extend plotxy to support derived quantities
      • ability to plot data between different tables (e.g., AMP versus wind speed)
    • data repository migration work (JM;DS;WY)
      • working with daily updates
      • switch to rsync (retain base, core utility, complete levels)
      • migrate scripts from cvsup->cvs (measuresdata)
      • repair rpm generation (DS)
      • description of all (non-consortia) files (JM)
    • ms: data selection implementation (SB)
    • imager: full polarization imaging (SB)
    • imager: Enable setting of coordinate projections (KG)
    • imager: de-striping, scan normalization for SD OTF (KG)
    • calibrater: solver refactor (antenna pointing calibration) (GM;SB)
    • calibrater: fringe fitting enhancements (GM)


  • Data sets: TBD
  • Documentation
    • Update to cookbook - basic processing (adapted from ASAP)
  • Functionality: TBD (ACA vs ASAP requirements)
    • Regression on SFI, Mosaic, SD/Synth combination, ATF


  • Round trip data flow (ASDM->MS->UVFITS)
  • Calibration (GM)
    • Available solve calibration types
    • Available apply calibration types
    • Interpolation
    • Smoothing
    • (new) calibration of weights
    • (new) pointing calibration
    • (new) full polarization BPOLY, GSPLINE

-- JosephMcMullin - 10 Jul 2006
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