Alpha Release Notes - Patch 4 (20061218)

  • Added organizational info to the top of the URM (more in next patch)
  • Added new tasks:
    • accum
    • smooth
    • exportuvfits
    • flagdata
    • importasdm
    • pointcal
    • plotcal
  • Support for:
    • viewer: interactive statistics regions
    • plotxy,flagxy iteration
    • calibration accumulation, preapply of other types, calibration of weight support, spectral window mapping added to tasks
    • calibration options of GSPLINE, BPOLY

    • Testing: Checked in test script to do a save and restore of all tasks.

Added multi-level scripting support for tasks (JIRA defect CAS-86) Fixed Done KG - 15Nov  
Modified output from listobs (ms.summary) to be 0-based Fixed Done GvM - 10Dec  
Problem with accum(interp='aipslin') amps aipslin   EF - 17Dec  
Issues with ft data selection ftselection   EF - 17Dec  
Need to plot antenna name in plotxy - also 1-based now plotxyants   EF - 17Dec  
msplot inconsistent use of phase units phaseunits   EF - 17Dec  
flagxy - can't not iterate! flagxyiteration Done EF - 16Dec  
inconsistent iteration continuatino plotcaliteration   EF - 16Dec  
ms.concatenate problems msconcatenate   EF - 16Dec  
viewer can't plot negative contours viewercontours   EF - 16Dec  

-- JosephMcMullin - 06 Dec 2006
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