Alpha Release Notes - Patch 3 (20061201)

  • Distribution
    • Mac OSX improvements to install/documentation
    • IPython 0.7.3
  • calibrater improvements
    • calibration of weights
      • setapply parameter (types: G,T,B,GSPLINE,BPOLY)
      • add toggle to: gaincal, bandpass, correct, blcal, fringecal
    • support GSPLINE, BPOLY types (for dual polarization)
    • pointing calibration
      • setsolve POINT type; must specify input image component list
      • add pointcal task
      • add toggle to: gaincal,bandpass,correct,blcal,fringecal;does setapply already check the type for these?
    • interpolation improvements
      • setapply interp parameter
    • smoothing improvements
      • smooth function
      • smooth task
    • spw mapping
      • add parameter to: gaincal, bandpass, correct,blcal,fringecal.
    • performance improvements
  • imager improvements
    • selectvis and defineimage methods (use new MSSelection facilities)
  • autoflag improvements for time selection

Interface & Documentation

Issue Comment Status Submitted Verified
JIRA - CASA-86 autocall Done-Patch2 CC - 17Oct  
calibration tasks Cal Tasks   JM - 20Nov  
inconsistent use of 0,1 based numbers Implemented Done SM - 19Oct
EF - 30Nov
seg faults for bad field number SegFault Done EF - 30Nov  
get information on installation casapyinfo Done EF - 30Nov  


Issue Comment Status Submitted Verified
Faster updates needed NAUG discussion topic DistProposal SM = 19Oct  
Stable platform, most up to date version needed everywhere NAUG discussion topic DistProposal CB - 12Oct  


Issue Comment Status Submitted Verified
Imager crash (memory?) MosaicMemory   SM - 27Oct  
Imager crash (phase center) MosaicCenter   SM - 26Oct  


Issue Comment Status Submitted Verified

-- JosephMcMullin - 27 Nov 2006
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