Alpha Release Notes - Patch 2

  • File catalog GUI
    • casafilecatalog (stand-alone; will make task for Patch 3)
  • Viewer improvements
    • listed below
  • Mosaicing functionality/documentation/regression scripts
  • prototype data selection syntax
  • plotxy/flagxy documentation/help
    • iteration illustrations
    • showflags option

Interface & Documentation

Issue Comment Status Submitted Verified
autocall/paren option standard autocall Done-Patch2 CC - 17Oct  
make aips-like task interface more so aips-like Done-Patch2 SM - 19Oct  
output/log from importarchive too verbose output-import Done-Patch2 GV - 30Oct  
defaults for importarchive need to be updated importarchive Done-Patch2 GV - 30Oct  
listobs could use a better layout listobs Done-Patch2 GV - 31Oct  
taskname? gives weird output taskname help Done-Patch2 GV - 01Nov  
browsetable gives errors browsetable errors Done-Patch2 GB - 01Nov  


Issue Comment Status Submitted Verified
Faster updates needed NAUG discussion topic DistProposal SM = 19Oct  
No outside the AOC testing ExtTest Not approved SM - 19Oct  
Stable platform, most up to date version needed everywhere NAUG discussion topic DistProposal CB - 12Oct  
Can't run on public machines at the AOC libraries Fixed SM - 26Oct  
Daily has a shared library problem same as above Fixed MC - 09Nov  


Issue Comment Status Submitted Verified
Imager crash (memory?) MosaicMemory   SM - 27Oct  
Imager crash (phase center) MosaicCenter   SM - 26Oct  


Issue Comment Status Submitted Verified
less white space for position tracking WhiteSpace   DS - 17Oct  
Viewer initial working directory incorrect vwrCwd Done DK - 01Nov  
contour problem with second image contDisp Mostly Done DS - 17Oct  
recognize MIRIAD format images in Load data mirImgs (works) DS - 17Oct  
cursor tracking: list pixel coords too trkgPix (not a bug?) SM - 27Oct  
Enabled frame entry for cubes   Done JM - 01Nov  

-- JosephMcMullin - 01 Nov 2006
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