Alpha Release Notes - Patch 1

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Interface & Documentation

Issue Comment Status Submitted Verified
aips input (short help during inputs) Implemented Done CC - 17Oct  
mosaic problem(s) Imagingbugs1 Fixed SM - 19Oct  
clean problem(s) Imagingbugs1 Fixed SM - 24Oct  
global reset (aips restore 0) restore implem. Done SM - 19Oct  
save task inputs automatically Autoparamsave Done SM - 24Oct  
system defaults for ipython and matplotlib? They are needed; could
compile list of changes
  SM - 19Oct  
version number is old Updated Done SM - 19Oct  
stokes isn't saved correctly in mosaic Fixed Done SM - 27Oct  
Need a phasecenter param for mosaic Fixed Done SM - 27Oct  


Issue Comment Status Submitted Verified
Faster updates needed NAUG discussion topic DistProposal SM = 19Oct  
No outside the AOC testing ExtTest   SM - 19Oct  
Stable platform, most up to date version needed everywhere NAUG discussion topic DistProposal CB - 12Oct  
Can't run on public machines at the AOC libraries Submitted SM - 26Oct  


Issue Comment Status Submitted Verified
Properly calibrate data weights based on Tsys DataWeights   CB - 13Oct  
Extend scope of channel-averaged flags FlagScope   CB - 13Oct  
Self-cal one data set and apply to separate one CalTransfer   CB - 13Oct  
Imager crash (memory?) MosaicMemory   SM - 27Oct  
Imager crash (phase center) MosaicCenter   SM - 26Oct  


Issue Comment Status Submitted Verified
start viewer without image name vwrstart Done DS - 17Oct  
close viewer on CASA exit vwrpid   DS - 17Oct  

-- JosephMcMullin - 01 Nov 2006
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