Alpha Release Issues

Interface & Documentation

Issue Comment Status Submitted Verified
autocall/paren option standard autocall Done-Patch2 CC - 17Oct  
aips input (short help during inputs) Implemented Done CC - 17Oct  
expert mode/normal mode for tasks Expert Mode No work CC - 17Oct  
mosaic problem(s) Imagingbugs1 Fixed SM - 19Oct  
clean problem(s) Imagingbugs1 Fixed SM - 24Oct  
global reset (aips restore 0) restore implem. Done SM - 19Oct  
save task inputs automatically Autoparamsave Done SM - 24Oct  
reference manual needs to be de-glished     SM - 19Oct  
inconsistent use of 0,1 based numbers Implemented Done SM - 19Oct
EF - 30Nov
seg faults for bad field number SegFault Done EF - 30Nov  
get information on installation casapyinfo Done EF - 30Nov  
error trapping in composite tasks   Done SM - 19Oct  
alma sim operations     SM - 19Oct  
make aips-like task interface more so aips-like Done-Patch2 SM - 19Oct  
help par, appropros, filtering     SM - 19Oct  
system defaults for ipython and matplotlib? They are needed; could
compile list of changes
  SM - 19Oct  
version number is old Updated Done SM - 19Oct  
Need tests for interface for all tasks     SM - 24Oct  
stokes isn't saved correctly in mosaic Fixed Done SM - 27Oct  
Need a phasecenter param for mosaic Fixed Done SM - 27Oct  
Need a makemask task makemask task Done SM - 27Oct  
Need easy clean region setting cleanregion cleanbox parameter SM - 27Oct  
output/log from importarchive too verbose output-import Done-Patch2 GV - 30Oct  
defaults for importarchive need to be updated importarchive Done-Patch2 GV - 30Oct  
listobs could use a better layout listobs Done-Patch2 GV - 31Oct  
taskname? gives weird output taskname help Done-Patch2 GV - 01Nov  
browsetable gives errors browsetable errors Done-Patch2 GB - 01Nov  
Added multi-level scripting support for tasks (JIRA defect CAS-86) Fixed Done KG - 15Nov  
Modified output from listobs (ms.summary) to be 0-based Fixed Done GvM - 10Dec  
Issues with ft data selection ftselection   EF - 17Dec  
Need to plot antenna name in plotxy - also 1-based now plotxyants plots names EF - 17Dec  
msplot inconsistent use of phase units phaseunits   EF - 17Dec  
flagxy - can't not iterate! flagxyiteration Done EF - 16Dec  
inconsistent iteration continuatino plotcaliteration   EF - 16Dec  
ms.concatenate problems msconcatenate   EF - 16Dec  
viewer can't plot negative contours viewercontours   EF - 16Dec  


Issue Comment Status Submitted Verified
Faster updates needed NAUG discussion topic DistProposal SM = 19Oct  
No outside the AOC testing ExtTest Not approved SM - 19Oct  
Stable platform, most up to date version needed everywhere NAUG discussion topic DistProposal CB - 12Oct  
Can't run on public machines at the AOC libraries Fixed SM - 26Oct  
Daily has a shared library problem same as above Fixed MC - 09Nov  


Issue Comment Status Submitted Verified
Properly calibrate data weights based on Tsys DataWeights   CB - 13Oct  
Extend scope of channel-averaged flags FlagScope   CB - 13Oct  
Self-cal one data set and apply to separate one CalTransfer   CB - 13Oct  
Imager crash (memory?) MosaicMemory   SM - 27Oct  
Imager crash (phase center) MosaicCenter   SM - 26Oct  


Issue Comment Status Submitted Verified
unregister then remove crashes vwrCrash <-See workaround DS - 17Oct  
read lock issues vwrCrash   SM - 19Oct  
less white space for position tracking WhiteSpace Done-Patch2 DS - 17Oct  
absolute levels for contours optionsPanel Done-Patch2 DS - 17Oct  
unzoom button Unzoom (To-Do list) DS - 17Oct  
position tracking for second image (overlay) multiTrkg (To-Do list) DS - 17Oct  
start viewer without image name vwrstart Done-Patch1 DS - 17Oct  
close viewer on CASA exit vwrpid Done-Patch1 DS - 17Oct  
contour problem with second image contDisp Done DS - 17Oct  
recognize MIRIAD format images in Load data mirImgs Done-Patch2 DS - 17Oct  
cursor tracking: list pixel coords too trkgPix Done-toggle SM - 27Oct  
Enabled frame entry for cubes   Done JM - 01Nov  

-- JosephMcMullin - 25 Oct 2006 -- DavidKing - 02 Nov 2006

viewer: [Other] known bugs in existing functionality

Issue Comment Status Submitted Verified
MS display is grey for good data greyMS (workaround installed) DK - 01Nov  
Viewer is not yet usable for editing MS flags editMS (usable now) DK - 01Nov  
Viewer initial working directory incorrect vwrCwd Done-Patch2 DK - 01Nov  
Various Options Panel widget problems optionsPanel most fixed now DK - 01Nov  
'Quit' button doesn't work     DK - 01Nov  
'New Display Panel' button doesn't work     DK - 01Nov  
Complex Images crash viewer vwrCrash doesn't crash anymore CW - 02Nov  
Enabled anim. frame number entry for cubes   Done-Patch2 JM - 01Nov  

-- DavidKing - 30 Jan 2007

viewer: To-Do list -- not yet implemented

(This list is by no means exhaustive. I (DavidKing) will try to include the most important items, plus some that are fairly simple to implement).
Issue Comment Status Submitted Verified
Statistics display (initial version) imgAnalysis done DK - 01Nov  
More support of keyboard events keybd done DK - 01Nov  
Complex Image support   done SB - 24Jan  
Zoom Buttons Unzoom done DK - 01Nov  
Exit when last display panel closed closeExit done DK - 01Nov  
Get all colormaps working   done DK - 01Nov  
Data Manager clean-up dmClean done DK - 01Nov  
Multi-image tracking multiTrkg done DK - 01Nov  
Auto-swap image display/hidden axes swapAxes   DK - 01Nov  
Preserve certain settings between sessions settings   DK - 01Nov  
Color bars clrBars done DK - 01Nov  
Auto-unregister unseen raster images multiTrkg   DK - 01Nov  
Beam ellipses clrBars done DK - 01Nov  
Other Image analysis features imgAnalysis partial DK - 01Nov  
Print Manager clean-up pmClean   DK - 01Nov  
Histo-Colorscale, trickier image DD options histoClr   DK - 01Nov  
Full interoperability/scripting under casapy casapyVwr   DK - 01Nov  
-- DavidKing - 27 Nov 2007
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