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The Algorithms Research and Development Group (ARDG) was re-constructed and approved in 2018 under the NRAO's Data Management and Software (DMS) division. The group is tasked with developing a long-term road-map for algorithms R&D at NRAO, executing the approved road-map and distributing yearly progress report to the community. The proposed road-map is currently in discussion with the stakeholders and once finalized, it will be posted on this page.

This page is currently under construction and more details and information will be distributed via this page shortly.

Group Members

The total ARDG effort is about 2 FTE contribution from the functional time of the following staff members:

S. Bhatnagar Scientist Group Lead Reports to Head DMSD
U. Rau Scientist   Reports to Head DMSD
P. Jagannathan Assit. Scientist   Reports to Lead ARDG
M. Pokorny Software Engg-IV, ngVLA   Reports to Lead ARDG
B. Kirk 1-year term position   Reports to Lead ARDG
  ALMA Study Project    

Work in progress

Pointers to relevant documents

This is place holder for pointers to relevant documents related to ARDG.

ARDG Memos

Reference Author(s) Date
Wideband Mosaic Imaging for VLASS U.Rau, S.Bhatnagar Sep 2018

Talk Slides

Reference Author(s) Date
Understanding and using the AWProjection algorithm S. Bhatnagar Sept. 7, 2018

Relevant Scientific Publications

Software Packages

The ARDG staff conducts majority of their R&D using the CASA package.
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ARDG_Original_Proposal.pdfpdf ARDG_Original_Proposal.pdf manage 20.5 K 2009-03-19 - 18:23 GarethHunt Original Proposal
ARDG_VLASS_Imaging_Report_v2.pdfpdf ARDG_VLASS_Imaging_Report_v2.pdf manage 2010.9 K 2018-09-28 - 11:20 SanjayBhatnagar VLASS Imaging Test Report (June-Aug 2018)
HPCForUsers.pdfpdf HPCForUsers.pdf manage 3047.7 K 2011-08-19 - 17:04 KumarGolap HPC talk
ImagingWithAWProject.pdfpdf ImagingWithAWProject.pdf manage 6569.6 K 2018-09-24 - 15:16 SanjayBhatnagar Using and understanding AWProjection algorithm
LectureAutoFlagSummary.pdfpdf LectureAutoFlagSummary.pdf manage 28.1 K 2011-08-07 - 20:25 SanjayBhatnagar Thrusday Lecture Series, Lecture 3.1: Summry of auto-flagging algorithms
LectureBasicsIntro.pdfpdf LectureBasicsIntro.pdf manage 1170.9 K 2011-08-07 - 20:22 SanjayBhatnagar Thrusday Lecture Series, Lecture 1: Introduction
LectureCalibration.pdfpdf LectureCalibration.pdf manage 1770.7 K 2011-08-07 - 20:27 SanjayBhatnagar Thrusday Lecture Series, Lecture 3.2: Calibration
LectureWideBand.pdfpdf LectureWideBand.pdf manage 5371.1 K 2011-08-07 - 20:23 SanjayBhatnagar Thrusday Lecture Series, Lecture 1: Wideband Imaging
LectureWideField.pdfpdf LectureWideField.pdf manage 2691.4 K 2011-08-07 - 20:24 SanjayBhatnagar Thrusday Lecture Series, Lecture 1: Widefield Imaging
Mosaicking_aoc.pdfpdf Mosaicking_aoc.pdf manage 692.1 K 2011-08-12 - 10:58 KumarGolap Mosaic presentation slides
SummaryImagingRadioInterferometry.pdfpdf SummaryImagingRadioInterferometry.pdf manage 365.8 K 2018-10-11 - 12:16 UrvashiRV Summary of Image Reconstruction Algorithms in RI (as of summer 2018)
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