ASDM Modification Planning (Post SS2)

	The following summarizes our discussions on the ASDM planning 
	within the context of the Releases and FBTs. There are several
	items that are at high priority but are prohibitive to complete
	in parallel (time/resources).
	I am proposing to do the measures implementation with the ASDM
	which makes sense if other assumptions about priorities and
	scheduling are accurate. Please review this and let me know
	if this is correct or if we should change course. We're still
	finishing the ACS 6.0 port but would be ready to move on this
	on Nov 17th.



	The implementation of measures within the ASDM will enable an
	explicit representation of framed quantities; currently, all
	quantities, indeed, all values have implicitly assumed units
	and reference frames.
		- Simplifies the handling of directions, positions,
		velocities, baselines, and times in the ASDM (they will 
		change in type from vectors of different base types 
		(Angle, Double, etc) to single measure types (Position,
		Direction, etc).
		- Provides some integrity protection by using explicit
		rather than implicit descriptions for these values;
		this makes the ASDM2MS filler more robust (translation
		is based on the model itself, rather than on hardwired 
		assumed values).
		- Required/requested by TelCal (Robert Lucas as they
		deal with measures values throughout their code).
		- Implementation plan will enable an accurate schema
		presentation of the ASDM; this effort has already by
		prototyped by Francois Viallefond.

		- Takes time (we anticipate 1 FTE month of effort = 2 months
		of 'real' time).
		- Precludes any other effort on the ASDM (other than SFI
		and SingleDish FBT support).
		Other ASDM areas that will be neglected include:
		  1) Real-time filler - although we don't anticipate
		  any technical issues with this, there would not be
		  adequate time before early February to complete this
		  work and hence would be in danger of missing the R4.1
		  deadline (which I understand is highly visible).
		*Is this work higher priority than freezing the ASDM as 
		*  - it will most likely require tackling 2) below.
		  2) Main table - the current design of the ASDM leads
		 to a large number of rows in the Main table; recent
		 experience has shown that this can cause performance
		 problems in both populating, storing and filling the
		*Can we postpone handling this problem until later in 2007?
		*  - It requires effort/collaboration between:
		*      	- Offline, Correlator, Control and TelCal

Other ASDM effort:
	- CalDM representation
		- The CDR4 CalDM model was implemented but appears to have
		some design/technical issues; this needs resolution between
	- Single Dish mapping
		- Currently we are exploring IRAM 30m data to see how well the
		model can represent this information. 
	- FV improved browser implementation
		- The prototype was complete in 2006 but it requires a stable
		ASDM to work reliably.
	- Add some header information to the binaries for the Pointing and
		TotalPowerData tables.

ACS 6.0 Port

The ASDM plan was the following:

1) Port to ACS 6.0 using the HEAD; tag this code with something.
2) Continue working on the HEAD to accomodate some minor ASDM changes for consistency/filler ops
   - We provide a list of the changes
   - Heiko must be notified to change DC
   - Robert must be notified to change TelCal
   - tag this code with something

The hope was that step 2) could be done in essentially a day (we check-in; we test; DC adapts/TelCal adapts; they test).

3) The SFI branch is made with the correct ASDM code; we twiddle our thumbs waiting for problems.

Is this still possible to pull off?

  • got okay from Jeff 20061108

ACS 6.0 port
        - exception handling changes (Heiko S.)
        - EntityRef changes (Michel C.)
- Tag working port as:
        - TRUNK-2006-11-AfterACS6Port

HEAD work
        Minor FV changes:
                configDescription:feedId -> mandatory 
                Feed:focusReference -> vector from vector
                Scan:sourceName -> optional *not agreed*
                Scan:fieldName -> vector from string
                Scan:numField added
                Scan:scanIntent -> vector
                Scan:numIntent added
                --> requires new signature for addRow for the Scan table
        Filler working
        Browser working

- Tag working code as:
        - TRUNK-2006-11-AfterACS6Port-ASDMrev

        ----> ASDM will not change during SFI
        ----> ASDM will freeze on/about 20070101 to enable work on 

Outstanding ASDM work

        - CalDM inconsistency/population issues (FV/RL/MC)
        - measures
        - XML schema (represented in code generation)
        - Main: number of rows issue
        - FV browser implementation
        - Pointing/TotalPowerData binary headers
        - Real-time filler

-- JosephMcMullin - 07 Nov 2006

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