ASDM2MS Filler code

The goal is to have an ASDM2MS filler (reading from disk only) that can be completely contained with 
the CASA SVN tree and distributed with no need for ACS, etc.

Currently there are two parts to the ASDM2MS filler.

1) The ASDM manipulation knowledge resides within the ALMA CVS repository under ICD/HLA/ASDM.
2) The MS manipulation knowledge resides within the CASA SVN repository under code/alma/implement/MeasurementSets.

A complication is that the ASDM code is mainly generated and the produced source code isn't actually 
stored within the repository; I believe this is what is needed for our purposes.

Michel noted that TelCal (Robert/Dominique) already use a version of the ASDM utilities in a stand-alone 
fashion. Hopefully this will help guide the way. 

-- JosephMcMullin - 10 Nov 2006
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