What version to use

Where ever you see casainit.sh ...you can use casainit.csh if you use a csh variant shell
  • Naugers and non-developers
    • /usr/bin/casapy on any machine is the stable version...use this in preference...no need to source any thing...just type casapy as its in your path already.
    • if you want to test/try stuff on the bleeding edge source /usr/lib/casapy/daily/casainit. sh
    • if you want to test the release candidate source /home/ballista3/casa/rtest/casainit.sh

  • Developers only source
    • /home/ballista3/casa/dtest/casainit.sh is Wes' daily build with i think -g flag
    • /home/ballista/casa/daily/casainit.sh is the daily build...so check that out to see if your recent codes did not break the system
    • 64 bit binaries on your 64 bit machines...first command below is necessary if its not already in the casa list of 64 bit hosts...the machine does not need to be an amd...its for all x86_64 architecture
      • export aips_ext=amd64 (setenv aips_ext amd64)
      • source /home/ballista/casa/daily/casainit.sh (or source /home/ballista3/casa/dtest/casainit.sh)

-- KumarGolap - 15 Jun 2007
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