-- NicholasElias - 2010-06-18

Submitted by Lindsey Davis (ldavis at nrao.edu)

Casaplotms Comments (Reference to 9860 Release)


- Edit casaplotms standalone script ?

--- I cannot find this "script" in the system. In the system, casaplotms is a binary compiled from c++ code and does not appear to use the env variables named. -- dmehring 2010jun28

- Why does script reference environment variables like MATPLOTLIBRC,
PGPLOT_*, TCL_* ? if it does not use these libraries ? Are there
still dependencies ?
- All standalone programs seem to have an identical setup, e.g. see also
casabrowser, casaviewer, ...
- Support "casaplotms <MS>" syntax in standalone mode.

Functionality Enhancements

- Implement a quicklook (on - off) / off macro for spectra based on state
- sample script used at OSF from Bill Dent available to show what
he wants to do
- Implement explicty selection by subscan. Can this be done already with
msselect parameter and regular expressions ?
- Allow the user to disable editing, e.g. open the measurement set in read
only mode so flagging and any other measurement editing is disallowed.
- old aips++ tool supported this
- Enable plotting flagged points. Useful for displaying on line flags.

GUI Enhancements

- Provide a replot button which forces even if the selection has not changed. (CAS-2261)
- Provide a mechanism to disable cacheing.
- Implement an overplot capability with rescaling optional.
- Add an option to color by baseline. (CAS-2262)
- The error popups block. Disable this. (CAS-2263)
- Add summary button and logger popup to the GUI.
- Using the pm tool from python. Works in foreground but not background.
Casaplotms is blocked in this case ?

Python Interface

- Implement a plot method which plots regardless of previous selection etc (CAS-2261)
- Implement method(s) to display several single plots on same panel, as
can currently be done from the GUI with "New single plot", "go", <selection>
and plot parameters.
- Implement setter method(s) for the plot options, e.g. plot title, axis
labels, annotation, color coding, symbol, font size, ... (CAS-2264)

- Implement batch plotting method.

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