NAUG - 30 May 2007

  • Status:
    • Patch planned 15 June (freeze 12 June) - see Beta status
      • New:
        • integrated profiles (box, polygon)
        • polygon statistics
        • interactive clean (sets of rectangles, polygons coming soon)
        • image analysis tasks
          • imhead - move statistics out of imhead
          • NOTE: logging issue - want more options for redirecting output; want list*** tasks to have output to file facility. termlog option.
        • parameter fun - casaglobals parameter
    • Data selection syntax proposal
    • Task name proposal
    • async tasks (subset of tasks implemented)
    • PPC installation available

  • Review
    • data selection parameters for imaging tasks
      • selectdata toggles all on
      • all data selection parameters are standard parameters
      • field, spw are standard parameters, other data selections will be subparameters exposed by setdata -- chosen

-- JosephMcMullin - 29 May 2007
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