Special NAUG - 2007-Jan-03

Progress/Status EVLA TST

  • calibrator models - high frequency images are available; currently, the images are stored and are scaled appropriately for their band - we will work on enabling an OTF scaling to the appropriate frequency:
Calibrator Q K U C X L
0137+331 (J2000)
0134+329 (B1950)
0521+166 (J2000)
0518+165 (B1950)
0542+498 (J2000)
0538+498 (B1950)
X X X - - X
1331+305 (J2000)
1328+307 (B1950)
  • data selection - Will keep the index specifiers (fieldid, etc) for now.
    • Three changes:
      • add field parameter

fieldid:---> field: takes a single string (spaces separate the names of the fields)
            it does a minimum match on each string so:
            field='1331+30500002_0' (Field Name reported in listobs)
                are all equivalent

            Multiple fields are specified as:
            field='133 144' 
                will get you fields: 1331+30500002_0, 1445_09900002_0

        Implemented in: clean, contsub, exportuvfits, flagdata, flagxy, ft, invert,
                        mosaic, plotxy, setjy, split

      • added field,spwid (to eventually replace msselect) in:
        • bandpass, blcal, correct, fringecal, gaincal, pointcal, uvmodelfit
      • Refant now refers to antenna name; Note: still needs calplot to use antenna names not indices
        • bandpass, blcal, fringecal, gaincal, pointcal

  • error trapping within tasks 20070105
  • makemask task - support for clean boxes - Do we still need a makemask task?
    • added cleanbox parameter to clean, mosaic;
      • this will take a list (or list of lists):
        • cleanbox=[blcx,blcy,trcx,trcy]
        • cleanbox=[[blcx,blcy,trcx,trcy],[blcx,blcy,trcx,trcy],...]
        • cleanbox=filename
          • compliant with clean boxes in AIPS BOXFILE parameter - Note: can not currently handle the different 'cards' (C,F,W, etc).
          • accepts a file like:
# fieldname blc-x blc-y trc-x trc-y  -- as in AIPS BOXFILE
0 60 60 75 75                        # or
0 18:30:24.0 -05.15.00 18:30:26.0 -05:15:15

  • Task History
    • remove tool level history (okay?)
    • add task level history
      • ms - clearcal, contsub, correct, flagautocorr, flagdata, fluxscale, ft, importvla, importasdm, importuvfits, setjy, split,
      • image - clean, feather, invert, mosaic

CASA 2007 Calendar

  • Update: Crystal will be in Socorro from Feb 4 to Feb

Flagging proposal - just the tool level interface

  • Question: Does this cover your flagging interactions; if not, please state it.
  • Question: What algorithms should be ported from AIPS first?

  • Interface
    • data selection by:
      • antennanames (antennaid), spwid, fieldnames (fieldid), uvdist, time, correlation, (nchan, start, width)
      • any other parameters needed?
    • manual flagging:
      • antenna, autocorrelation, baseline, fieldnames, spwid, channels, freqs, timerange, timeslot, clip, quack, unflag
      • other parameters?
    • algorithms
      • timemedian, freqmedian, spectralrejection, uvbin
      • what others first?
    • summary/statistics
      • get percentage of data flagged vs antenna, baseline, spwid, channel, correlations, time
      • other statistics?
    • queries
      • return list of antennas, channels, baselines, times with more or less than a specified percentage of flagged data.
    • extend flags
      • use queries to extend flags (e.g, flag all channels that have more than 70% of the data flagged)
    • extend flag scope
      • extend by time, channel, baseline, polarization, spwid, spectral/time averages
    • other functions
      • flag history - append to history file
      • flag reset - reset flags

-- JosephMcMullin - 10 Jan 2007

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