SRDP Project Documentation

Project documentation is kept on the sharepoint site, for convenience links to those documents are provided below.
  • The top Level folder of the SRDP Project on sharepoint is here
  • Document numbers and status are tracked in the document tree on sharepoint. The document tree is kept here: xls
    • Please note: Version numbers are maintained in the internal document and may not match the sharepoint version number.

SRDP Project Documents
doc SRDP Project Charter 530-SRDP-001-MGMT Primary document defining the objectives of the SRDP project.
doc SRDP Scope Statement 530-SRDP-032-MGMT Description of the project in relation to the Observatory as a whole and other departments.
doc Life Cycle Phases and Concepts 530-SRDP-009-MGMT Description
doc NRAO Lexicon and Acronyms 530-SRDP-028-MGMT List of abbreviations and terms used in the SRDP project.
SRDP Project Management
doc SRDP Project Management Plan 530-SRDP-003-MGMT Description
doc   Stakeholder Register 530-SRDP-005-MGMT List of the project stakeholder.
xls   Responsibility Matrix 530-SRDP-008-MGMT A RACI chart for the SRDP Project to clarify responsibilities.
mpp   Schedule 530-SRDP-018-MGMT Microsoft Project file containing the SRDP project schedule.
xls   Risk Register 530-SRDP-006-MGMT Project Risk Register
doc   Cost Management Plan 530-SRDP-026-MGMT Cost management plan, including the Basis of Estimates and projected effort levels.
SRDP System Engineering
doc Systems Engineering Management Plan 530-SRDP-010-MGMT Plan covering all system engineering aspects of the project.
doc   Requirements Committee Terms of Reference 530-SRDP-012-HEUR Foundational Document for the Requirements Committee
doc SRDP System Concept 530-SRDP-014-MGMT Use Case based overall concept for the SRDP deliverables, primary source for the project L0 requirements.
doc   SRDP Stakeholder Requirements 530-SRDP-15-MGMT System concept broken into trackable requirements, no decomposition of requirements if performed at this level.
doc System Requirements Description 530-SRDP-016-MGMT Level 1 system requirements description, should be parallel to System Requirement Specification.
xls   Requirements Verification Traceability Matrix 530-SRDP-020-MGMT Description
Data Management and Software Documents
doc DMS Software Development Processes Number Description
doc   DMS Work Management Plan for SRDP Number Description
doc SRDP Architecture Description Number Description
doc   System Requirements Specification Number Technical specification of L1 requirements. Generated from the SysML model of the system. Document should be parallel to the System Requirements Description.
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