SRDP Weekly Admin Meeting

Meeting Co-ordinates

  • Friday Oct. 12 at 10:00 ET
  • Meeting Room: Edgemont Road: 209
  • VideoHubIP:
  • AudioHub: 434-817-6284


  • News (all)
    • Welcome Mark
  • Project Administration (Jeff)
    • Socorro Travel Schedule
    • Shared Calendar (Confluence, Google, ?)
      • Move everything internal Confluence and set up Calendar.
      • Keep Wiki Page for external for now.
    • Use of Jira for heuristics definition.
      • For now we will use CAS-R and SSA.
      • Think about using the SRDP Jira for Validation and Operations.
  • xls Action Item Review (Bob)
  • Heuristics Update (John)
    • Initial Meeting: Get near term requirements to pipeline: Optimized Images (Oct. 17) and Cutout Images (Nov. 7)
    • Flux Calibration (End of November)
    • Review QA Metrics (VLA vs. ALMA)
  • Operations Update (Mark)
  • Implementation Update (Morgan)
    • SSA Planning Spreadsheet
  • AOB

-- JeffKern - 2018-10-08
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