To add the NRAO user/phone information to your address book, do the following

  • Open Address Book
  • Select the Preferences... menu item in the Address Book menu at the top of the screen
  • Select the LDAP icon at the top of the preferences dialog
  • Click the + (plus) button to add a new ldap entry
  • Enter nrao at the Name box
  • Enter at the Server box
  • Enter dc=nrao,dc=edu at the Search Base box
  • The Port box should already have 389
  • Select Save

After this, the NRAO directory should show up when you select Directories in the main dialog for Address Book. If you select it, you can then search for NRAO user's information in the spotlight search dialog (also in the main dialog for Address Book).

-- DarrellSchiebel - 27 Nov 2006
Topic revision: r1 - 2006-11-27, DarrellSchiebel
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