Notes from Tim Bastian

Thanks for calling in to today's telecon. We made good progress in roughing out the general approach to the process. I am not going to try to reproduce the discussion and will instead just summarize what I think we decided:

1- We agree that a standalone white paper on plasma astrophysics is a useful contribution to the process of developing next generation radio instrumentation. While these processes underlie many of the phenomena that other groups are considering, they are not highlighted as such. This white paper will do so by offering an important perspective on plasma processes and in reaching out to a community that is not well represented by the other groups.

2- We agree that the white paper will be organized around plasma processes (e.g., particle acceleration) rather than astrophysical objects (e.g., radio galaxies). A given plasma process will of course touch on many astrophysical contexts, some more so than others.

3- We agree that the time scale for assembling a credible first draft of the white paper will be Dec 2015, in time to roll out for discussions at the Kavli meeting on "RMS science futures": see

4- Next steps:
  • I will get a wiki page set up for group members to contribute ideas and opinions, and eventually the material we fold into the white paper
  • I will let the group know when it's available. Once it is (by the end of the week, I hope) please contribute your thoughts regarding the central plasma processes around which we organize content
  • We will have another telecon during the second half of August - after the IAU GA - to discuss proposed themes and to identify volunteers who are willing to lead development of content under agreed-upon themes. The target is to identify themes and leads by the end of August
Please let me know what I missed and what I got wrong.

-- TimBastian - 2015-08-05
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