ngVLA Technical Workshop #2

December 8-9, 2015

Socorro, NM

Agenda: ngVLA2.pdf

Introductory Session

Presenter Title
C. Carilli ngVLA Science Overview
R. Galvan-Madrid Cradle of Life
C. Hales Galaxy Ecosystems
D. Riechers Galaxy Formation
S. Spolaor Time Domain, Cosmology, and Physics
M. McKinnon ngVLA Technical Overview

Computing Architecture

Presenter Title
J. Kern Overview of ngVLA Computing Concept
J. Kantor Computing for ngVLA: Lessons from LSST
M. Wise Impacts of Operations Models on Computing
M. Rupen Calibration Strategies and Options
S. Bhatnagar Algorithm Advancement Needs
A. Popping Future Options for SKA-scale Astronomical Computing

Operations Concept

Recommendations for Science Operations and User Support
Presenter Title
J. Hibbard ALMA Perspective
C. Chandler JVLA Perspective

Recommendations for Array Operations and Maintenance
Presenter Title
S. Guniat ALMA Perspective
P. Perley JVLA Persepective
D. Bock ASKAP and ATNF Perspective

Data Digitization and Transmission

Presenter Title
J. Jackson Data Digitization and Transmission: Overview and issues
L. D'Addario Signal Organization for Long-Distance Transfer with Wide-Band Front Ends
R.Beresford Radio over Glass, Analog or Digital? Progress from Australia
M. Morgan Integrated Digitization with Unformatted Serial Data Transfer
F. Murden Analog Device Ultra-Wideband ADC Technology Roadmap

Time and Frequency Distribution

Presenter Title
R. Selina Time and Frequency Distribution: Overview and Issues
B. Shillue ALMA Approach
E. Rubiola Oscillators and Phase Noise from Low RF to Microwave Photonics
J. Koelemeij Long-Haul Implementation of White Rabbit Ethernet for Fiber-Optic Synchronization of VLBI Stations

Workshop Summary

Presenter Title
B. Glendenning/M. McKinnon Computing/Operations Summary
C. Langley Data Transmission Summary
S. Durand Time and Frequency Distribution Summary
M. McKinnon Next Steps
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