NGVLA CSV Working group: 2019 Mar 19 Telecon

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  • Date: Tues 19 Mar 2019, 19 UT = 15 EDT = 13 MDT
  • Location: CV-ER230, SO-280
    • Audio Hub: 434-817-6283
  • Participants:
    • CV: Todd, Jeff, John, Eric (from 15:30)
    • SO: Joan, Vivek, Bryan, Rafael
    • Audio: none
    • unavailable: Walter, Barry, Rob, Chris


  1. Account code to charge on your timecards for this work: 251200000
  2. Review major items raised last month on Concept document
    • Section 2.25: New assumption: Telescope Operators provided by Operation
    • Section 6.2.4: provisions for CSV access to visibility data outside the non-interactive processing model
    • Section 7.1.1: First four commissioning goals are now joint with AIV (termed the Early Delivery Phase)
    • Section 7.2: Goal SV9: Demonstrate SV data cal+image through same processing path that ES data will ultimately follow, but leaving out the larger task of commissioning the data center
  3. Discuss remaining items in Concept document
    • Calibration database: concept from System reference design (now mentioned in 2.4.3)
      • Add a milestone in 7.1.2 to begin populating it? between C7 and C8? * Confirm it is accessible to SRDP (prior to SV9)
    • 6.3.2: External staff -- currently worded loosely. Are we happy with this?
    • Section 8 (order of modes to be commissioned). No comments received. Defer to the Plan document?
    • Are we missing anything?
    • Are we consistent with AIV Concept document?
  4. Next meeting: April is busy with ALMA deadline, and I am on vacation April 27-May 4. I propose Tues May 14 at one-half hour earlier (14:30 EDT = 12:30 MDT) to accomodate Eirc

-- ToddHunter - 2019-03-19
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