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This wiki will shortly be populated with science cases and other information pertaining to the Cradle of Life, which covers the following science areas (subgroup leads in bold):
  • formation of planets (David Wilner, Claire Chandler, Ted Bergin, Paola Pinilla, Andrea Isella, Jonathan Williams, Hauyu Baobab Liu, Zhaohuan Zhu, Ilaria Pascucci, Brenda Matthews, Paul Goldsmith, Jane Greaves, Laurent Loinard, Akimasa Kataoka, Sean Andrews)
  • formation of stars (Hauyu Baobab Liu, Maite Beltran, Henrik Beuther, Tyler Bourke, Crystal Brogan, Paola Caselli, Adam Ginsburg, Josep Miquel Girart, Chat Hull, Todd Hunter, Doug Johnstone, Roberto Galvan Madrid, Victor Rivilla, Alvaro Sanchez-Monge, Alberto Sanna, John Tobin, Qizhou Zhang, James Di Francesco)
  • chemical evolution of star forming regions (Jonathan Williams, Peter Shilke, Paola Caselli, Alvaro Sanchez-Monge, Maite Beltran, Karin Oberg, Ke Zhang, Brett McGuire, Charlie Qi, Rachel Friesen, Brandon Carroll, Robin Garrod, Tyler Bourke, Victor Rivilla, Ted Bergin)
  • planet/star interactions (Rachel Osten, Jeff Linsky, Tim Bastian, Jackie Villadsen, Manuel Gudel, Joe Lazio)
  • solar system (Arielle Moullet, Imke de Pater, Mark Gurwell, Charlie Qi, Bryan Butler)
  • SETI (Barb Hoversten, Steve Croft, Ian Morrison, Zsolt Paragi, Jill Tarter, Jason Wright, Jim Cordes, Andrew Siemion)
  • debris disks (Luca Matra, Grant Kennedy, Jane Greaves, David Wilner, Mark Wyatt, Brenda Matthews)

Science Use Cases

Star Formation Subgroup

High-mass Star Formation
  1. Resolving the density structure and dynamics of the youngest HII regions and high-mass protostellar jets (Lead: Roberto Galvan Madrid + Maite Beltran, Alvaro Sanchez-Monge)
  2. High-resolution centimeter-wavelength observations of molecular line absorption against background ionized source (Lead: Maite Beltran + Qizhou Zhang)
  3. Linearly polarized dust emission and synchrotron polarization in OB star- or cluster-forming cores (Leads: Chat Hull and Josep Girart)
  4. Star-formation in the inner few pc of the Galactic Center (currently ORPHANED)
  5. Complete censuses of high-mass stars in SF regions throughout the Galactic Plane to measure directly Galaxy SFR (Lead: Adam Ginsburg + Victor Rivilla, Hauyu Baobab Liu (including a census of low-mass stars, too?)
  6. Structure of Massive Dense Cores (Lead: ??? + Henrik Beuther, Todd Hunter, Crystal Brogan)
  7. High-resolution observations of masers (Lead: Todd Hunter)
Low-mass Star Formation
  1. Binary/multiple stars (Lead: John Tobin, + Doug Johnstone, Tyler Bourke)
  2. Dust polarization in low-mass protostellar objects, grain alignment vs. scattering + Zeeman effect (combo with high-mass SF case?) (Leads: Chat Hull and Josep Girart, + Tyler Bourke)
  3. Structure of jets in deeply embedded protostars (currently ORPHANED)
  4. Dynamics of star-forming cores and filaments (Lead: James Di Francesco, + Tyler Bourke, Paola Caselli)
  5. Disk Formation (Lead: John Tobin, + Doug Johnstone, James Di Francesco, Tyler Bourke, Paola Caselli)
Planet Formation Subgroup
  1. Small-scale Substructures in Protoplanetary Disks (Lead: Sean Andrews)
  2. Characterizing Planet-Disk interactions (Lead: Paola Pinilla)
  3. Disk Winds (Lead: Ilaria Pascucci)
  4. Circumplanetary Disks (Lead: Zhaohuan Zhu)
  5. Particle Evolution in the Water Snowline (Lead: Jonathan Williams)
  6. Particle Size Evolution Signatures in Polarized Light (currently ORPHANED)
Chemical Evolution in Star-forming Regions
  1. NH3 snowline in disks (Bergin/Qi)
  2. Gas Content in the Disk Planet Forming Region (Zhang/Bergin)
  3. Organics and the Disk Planet Forming Region (Oberg)
  4. Organic Inventory of Hot Cores (Beltran/Sanchez-Monge)
  5. D-Fractionation in Hot Cores and ISM (Friesen/Beltran/Sanchez-Monge)
  6. Pre-biotic molecules (1-2 cases) (McGuire /Garrod/Carroll)
  7. NH3 in comets (Qi)
Star-Planet Interactions
  1. Extrasolar Space Weather (Lead: Gregg Hallinan)
Debris Disks
  1. Debris disk structure (Lead: David Wilner)
  2. Measurement of the spectral slope of debris disks (Lead: Brenda Matthews)
  3. Detection of 500K objects (Lead: Grant Kennedy)
  4. Detection of Water Proxies: HI and OH (Lead: Luca Matra)
Solar System
Direct Detection of Exoplanets

-- BrendaMatthews - 2017-02-10

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