Science Cases

[for consideration for the Science Case; names in italics are TBC]
  • Pulsars in the Galactic Center - Geoff Bower [Community Study] [Science Book invited]
  • Electromagnetic Counterparts to Gravitational Wave Events - Gregg Hallinan [Science Book invited]
  • LISA counterparts - Vikram Ravi [Science Book invited]
  • Real-Time Cosmology - Jeremy Darling, maybe Alexandra Truebenbach [Science Book invited]
  • Tidal Disruption Events - Edo Berger, Peter Williams, Brian Metzger, Gregg Hallinan
  • Particle Acceleration - Frazer Owen
  • Thompson scattering - Frazer Owen [submitted to the Galaxies WG] [Science Book invited]
  • Megamaser Cosmology - Jim Braatz [Science Book invited]
  • Intensity Mapping - Garrett "Keato" Keating, Geoff Bower, Tzu-Ching Chang [Community Study] [Science Book invited]
  • Gravitational Lensing - Chris Fassnacht
  • Variations of Fundamental Constants - Nissim Kanekar [Science Book invited]
  • Cosmology - Philip Bull
  • Compact Mergers and Gravitational Waves - Alessandra Corsi [ngVLA memo exists] [Science Book invited]
  • Dual AGN - Sarah Burke-Spolaor, Walter Max-Moerbeck [Science Book invited]
  • Galactic Transients - Laura Chomiuk, Michael Rupen
  • Nanohertz Gravitational Waves and Precision Pulsar Timing - Shami Chatterjee, Paul Demorest [Community Study] [Science Book invited]
  • Multi-messenger short GRBs - Nicole Lloyd-Ronning [Science Book invited]
  • astrometry - Mark Reid [Science Book invited]
  • Jet Production - Matt Lister [Science Book invited]
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