Wiki Migration Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The URL has changed! Will my bookmarks (favorites) continue to work?

Yes, but not forever. The old-style URLs of will be redirected to the new server for a while but we will eventually phase out this redirection. You are encouraged to update your bookmarks to point to the new URLs as soon as you get a chance.

Also, if you maintain any web pages which link to, please update those as well. We have no way to track down every link ourselves.

The EDIT window has changed!


Yes it has; click on the thumbnail image to the right to see what it's like. The "Edit" tab at top right now invokes what's called the WYSIWYG (What You See Is [mostly] What You Get) editor. It has some of the buttons and features of a word processing editor such as Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer.

If you want the old, plain editor, and find yourself in the WYSIWYG editor, just hit the small pickaxe logo (the last one in the icon bar at the top) and it will switch to the Raw Edit mode. Or, better still, use the Raw Edit tab at the top right (or the red Raw Edit link at the end of the page) to start editing a Wiki Topic.

ActionTrackerPlugin issues

  • The style on the Action Tracker plugin tables is very plain. We will work to improve this.
  • The behaviour when editing a target is slightly different than before:
    1. A new window (or tab) is opened when you press "edit" on a target in a list.
    2. When you finish editing the target, this window (or tab) redirects to the topic containing the specific target you modified. You have to fish out the original window or tab to get back to where you were.

LatexModePlugin issues

JeffMangum notes that while the plugin documentation says the old style syntax %$...$% is deprecated, it in fact seems not to work, or work badly (you get a nasty error message the first time such content is added to a page (TWiki detected an internal error... Can't use an undefined value as a HASH reference). A reload of the page "cures" this problem. However, the right approach seems to be to avoid using the old syntax altogether in favour of the newer <latex>...</latex> syntax.

-- PatrickMurphy - 2009-01-13
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