Vertex Temperature Monitoring System

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Analysis of DV08 Temperature Sensor Measurements

Information from Comments Posted to DV08 Data acquired with the TMS

  • From measurements made 2011-02-08:
    • "Almost 24 hours temperature trend from 2011-02-08 16:00. More than 8 degree temperature difference is seen. The weather condition was partly cloudy, and the antenna was kept on the stow position."
    • "The large spread up (or more) to 8 C is consistent with previous measurements. It could be the case to investigate if changing the antenna orientation respect to the rising sun it would makes any change."
    • "One can notice that the antenna temperatures are higher than the ambient air temperature."
    • "It would be useful to collect data when the humidity is low. I notice a trend that the panels that are looking towards the sky are warmer during daytime than the ones at the back structure (the difference being very variable due to the sun irradiation). But in the night this is reversed (with a constant temperature offset between front and rear sensors), maybe because the sky is much colder than the ground. It may be that the antenna is more coupled to radiation from the sky and the ground than to the air temperature. At least that is what the measurements suggest."

Extracting TMS System Temperature Measurements

Using Cristian's script I can extract all temperature sensors. Example:
./ -a DV01  -i 2014-05-01T01:00:00 -e 2014-05-01T02:00:00  -o outputFile.txt  --tr=1000 --allSensors

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