VLBA Pipeline Data Products

This is the current list of VLBA pipeline outputs. These outputs may evolve, especially during this time of development and during early production.

Comparisons with the output from the VLA pipeline are in italics. VLA pipeline data products are described in NvasDataProducts.

Data files

Multi-source (per-project) files

Description File Descriptor File Type
Calibrated visibility data obit.fits.vis AIPS FITS
AIPS tables (without data) obit.fits.tab AIPS FITS
Plot: Amplitude vs. time obit.ps.plot multi-page PostScript
Plot: Phase vs. time obit.ps.plot multi-page PostScript
Plot: Delay vs. time obit.ps.plot multi-page PostScript
Plot: Phase & Amplitude vs. frequency obit.ps.plot multi-page PostScript
Plot: Opacity obit.ps.plot multi-page PostScript
Pipeline log obit.txt.log ASCII text
Pipeline input parameters obit.txt.python Python (ASCII text)

The VLA pipeline did not produce multi-source plots or a list of input parameters.

Single source files

Description File Descriptor File Type
Image obit.fits.image FITS
Image obit.jpg.image JPEG
Image thumbnail obit.jpg.image JPEG
Plot: Contour map obit.jpg.plot JPEG
Plot: Amplitude vs. Baseline length obit.jpg.plot JPEG
Plot: Real vs. Imaginary obit.jpg.plot JPEG
Plot: u vs. v coverage obit.jpg.plot JPEG

The VLA pipeline did not produce a contour map.


We would like to store the following metadata in a DBMS. We want this metadata available for generating query responses for end users, for routine data validation, and for occasional inspection/manipulation of the data products. The multi-source and single source metadata should be stored in separate tables, where each row is tied to row(s) in the other table using key values.

The VLA pipeline did not use a DBMS. Metadata was stored in file names and in a large ASCII table.

Multi-source (per-project) metadata

Col. name Type Description
project string observation project name
session string observation project session
band string receiver band code
obsDate date observation date
procDate date pipeline processing date
obitVer string Obit version (TBD)
aipsVer string AIPS version
pyVer string Python version
sysInfo string system information on processing machine (uname -a)
contCals array of strings continuum calibrators
goodCal Python dictionary good-calibrator metadata
anNames array of strings names of all antennas used
freqCov 2-D array of floats frequency coverage (low & up sideband pairs for all IFs)
minFringeMas float minimum fringe spacing (mas)
ssKeys array of keys keys to corresponding rows in the single source table

Add to this list full paths and/or URLs to each of the multi-source data files.

Single source metadata

Col. Name Type Description
Source string Source name
ObsDate date Observing date as "yyyy-mm-dd"
RA float Source RA (deg) at standard equinox
Dec float Source Dec (deg) at standard equinox
RAPnt float Antenna pointing RA (deg) at standard equinox
DecPnt float Antenna pointing Dec (deg) at standard equinox
Freq float Reference frequency (Hz)
numVis integer Number of visibilities (ignoring flagging)
Size integer Width of image in deg (From Stokes I)
Cells float Cell spacing in deg (From Stokes I)
Exposure float Total integration time (day)
for each s in Stokes:
sSum float Sum of clean components in Jy
sPeak float Peak pixel brightness in Jy
sRMS float RMS noise in inner quarter (Jy)
sBeam array of floats Beam (maj, min, PA) (deg)
msKey key key to the corresponding row in the multi-source table

Add to this list full paths and/or URLs to each of the single source data files.
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