Modification Request #1 (Q# 20##)

1. Introduction

It has been discovered that the keywords which specify the position on the Earth are slightly different from the best known values. There is no impact to actual behavior of observations, as this is simply a book-keeping error. All internal calculations in the antenna and LO1 control systems were already using the correct values.

2. Requirements

The antenna fits file headers contains the keywords and values for the GBT position as:

SITELONG 38.433119
SITELAT 79.839833

This is slightly incorrect and doesn't match the values used for astronomy calculations in the antenna control. The error is a simply a bookkeeping error, and did not impact any observations or calculations.

I'd like fix the bookkeeping error and apply the change today to indicate the official values:

SITELONG 38.433121
SITELAT 79.839835

4. Design Strategy & Summary - For the software engineer to fill out

Simply update the values used to record these values.

6. Deployment Checklist - For sponsor and/or software engineer

  • fits file change should be documented in the MR
  • need to create new antenna fits files for unit tests
  • need to run the gbtidl unit tests. There verify there are not any result changes

7. Test Plan


APPROVED: To the best of my knowledge, the requirements section of this MR is complete and the other sections contain a reasonable plan forward. I have thought through this request, and believe it to be an important feature to implement or bug to fix.

ACCEPTED: I acknowledge that I have validated the completed code according to the acceptance tests.

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