• Where can I find a list of commonly observed molecular transtions and their rest frequencies?
  • What is the rest frequency of (CO/NH3/H2O/HCN/etc)?
  • Is there a list of continuum calibrators with fluxes?
  • Is there a list of maser line calibrators with flues?
  • Is there a list of flux density calibrators with fluxes?
  • How can I find the position and flux density of (Mars/Saturn/Jupiter/other roving mm source)
  • I have a student that needs this observation for her thesis. How can I get my observation scheduled asap?
  • Where can I see the ALMA observing schedule?
  • Is there student financial support?
  • I would like to arrange a visit. When can I come?
  • Can I have someone look over the following SB?
  • I hear that ALMA will have a new capability/antenna next week and I'd like to make sure my observation is not scheduled until that new capability is added.
  • Where do I download the OT?
  • I'd like to request that the OT have a new capability, ...
  • I'd like to request that CASA have a new capability, ...
  • I see from examining the data that my observation failed. Can I have it rescheduled?

-- JimBraatz - 2010-12-12
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