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  1. accretionEnergy -- Computes gravitational potential energy of a piece of gas falling onto an object
  2. accretionLuminosity -- Computes gravitational potential luminosity of a piece of gas falling toward an object
  3. addLineToScripts -- Adds a line to the bottom of a script, or list of scripts
  4. addLinks -- Adds soft links to a directory based on existing subdirectory names
  5. adjustDivergingLut -- Removes the middle N values of a diverging RGB color lookup table and stretches the remainder together (to make better outflow palettes)
  6. angularSeparationOfImagePeaks -- Finds the peak in two images and computes the angular separation in arcsec, and fractional beams
  7. appendParameterToScript -- Takes a script of N lines containing a call of the same task and appends an additional parameter to the end of each one.
  8. applyRadecOffsetToFile -- Applies an RA/Dec offset to an ASCII table of positions
  9. argmedian -- Returns a list of indices of an array corresponding to the value(s) equal to or closest to the median
  10. atmosphericVariation -- Computes the percentage variation in transmission and Tsky across an image cube's spectral axis
  11. auToRsun -- converts au to solar radii
  12. avgOverCube -- Computes the average spectrum across a multi-dimensional array that has been read from a cube
  13. backgroundSources -- Computes the expected number of background radio point sources in a field
  14. beamAreaRatio -- Computes the ratio of the synthesized beam area between two images
  15. bindingEnergy -- Computes the binding energy of a (uniform density) star of given mass and radius
  16. binge -- Copy a file into multiple other filenames, incrementing a number in the name
  17. blondinEta -- Computes eta parameter from ratio of jet velocity to bowshock velocity
  18. boxToRadians -- Convert a casa region file "box" string to a pair of Ra/Dec's
  19. brightness -- Convert flux density, frequency and beamsize to brightness temperature (and on to dust and gas mass)
  20. brightnesses -- Runs brightness on a list of images
  21. brightnessImage -- Converts an image in flux density units into brightness temperature units
  22. buildAplpyPolygons -- Takes a list of RA/Dec centers and widths/heights/rotations and returns list for show_polygons
  23. buildAplpyRectangles -- Takes a list of RA/Dec centers and widths/heights and returns parameters for show_rectangles
  24. buildBoxRegion -- Builds a casa box region string from the specified blc and trc coordinates (specified in radians)
  25. buildFilterConvolutions -- Add new filters to Robitaille's sedfitter module
  26. buildRobustWeightingGrid -- Run image simulations of all ALMA cycle 5 configurations
  27. calibratorImageFluxes -- Finds the calibrator images of a pipeline runs and reports their fitted flux and noise
  28. calibratorImagePeaks -- Finds the calibrator images of a pipeline runs and reports their peak intesntiy and noise
  29. cas7210 -- Makes plots for CAS-7210
  30. checkAlternateRefant -- Searches a casa log for appearances of an alternate refant being used in a gain solution
  31. checkCompareCparamFromCaltables -- runs compareCparamFromCaltables for a list of pipeline runs
  32. checkCompareTimesFromCaltables -- runs compareTimesFromCaltables for a list of pipeline runs
  33. checkCorrectMyAntennaPositions -- runs correctMyAntennaPositions for a list of pipeline runs
  34. checkFluxcsv -- runs compareFluxcsv on the flux.csv files from a list of pipeline run pairs
  35. checkForMissingPointingEntries -- Checks a group of pipeline runs for any EB with an antenna with missing pointing table values
  36. checkForMissingPointingSolutions -- Checks a group of pipeline runs for any EB with an antenna with missing pointing calibration solutions
  37. checkForMultipleSolutionTimes -- Checks a collection of pipeline runs for any lowgainflag caltables that contain more than 1 solution time
  38. checkLowgainflag -- Checks a directory of pipeline runs for entries in the text flag tables in the lowgainflag stage
  39. checkLowSNRPositions -- Checks a directory of pipeline runs for low SNR positions rejected by correctMyAntennaPositions
  40. checkLSRKRanges -- runs lsrkRangeForSpw on a list of pipeline runs
  41. checkMultiUserRuns -- Calls checkruns for each specified user in succession
  42. checkNumberOfPhaseCalibrators -- Calls getPhaseCalibrators for a list of pipeline runs
  43. checkNumchan -- Compiles dictionary of number of channels in science spws in a list of pipeline runs
  44. checkOnlineChannelAveraging -- Compiles dictionary of online channel averaging factor in science spws in a list of pipeline runs
  45. checkPipelineChanchunks -- Compiles list of chanchunk values used for mfs and cube imaging in a list of pipeline runs
  46. checkPipelinePhasecalSolint -- Runs pipelinePhasecalSolint on a list of pipeline runs
  47. checkPipelineRepBWCube -- Searches pipeline working directories for presence of .repBW. cubes
  48. checkPipelineRobust -- Runs pipelineRobust on a set of pipeline runs
  49. checkPipelineSevere -- Runs pipelineSevere on all CASA logs in a set of pipeline runs
  50. checkPlotmsMemory -- Runs plotmsMemory on all CASA logs in a set of pipeline runs
  51. checkPlotSpectraFromMask -- Runs plotSpectrumFromMask for all cubes in a set of pipeline runs
  52. checkruns -- Finds the working directory of each pipeline run on the specified root directory
  53. checkStrongTsysLines -- Checks a directory of pipeline runs for the presence of strong features in the Tsys spectra
  54. checkSurmiseConfiguration -- Runs surmiseConfiguration on all ASDMs of a set of pipeline runs
  55. checkTsysFlags -- Runs pipelineTsysFlag on a set of pipeline runs
  56. checkVersions -- Runs versionsFromWeblog on a list of pipeline runs to compile the CASA and pipeline version info for those project code / MOUS
  57. checkZeroPixels -- Builds a histogram of percentage of pixels equal to zero from a specific 2D image from a series of pipeline runs
  58. clearMask -- clears the mask in a CASA image
  59. clusterCentroid -- Computes the centroid of a set of sky positions, optionally weighted by intensity
  60. clusterMatches -- Computes the nearest neighbor star in list 2 for each star in list 1
  61. clusterStatistics -- Computes statistics of a set of X,Y points or sky positions
  62. collectPipelineSpectra -- Finds all spectra pngs from pipeline images created in a specific pipeline stage
  63. combineUncertainties -- Computes expected new uncertainty when combining datasets
  64. compareFluxcsv -- Compares two flux.csv files
  65. compareFluxcsvs -- Compares a list of pairs of flux.csv files in a directory
  66. compareL80 -- Compares the achieved beamsize in a pipeline reduced dataset with the L80 formula and the im.fitpsf prediction
  67. compareL80list -- Calls compareL80 on a list of pipeline reductions and produces a summary table
  68. composite -- Takes a base png image, and overlays one or two other images on it at a specified offset location and scale size.
  69. computeMeanSeparation -- Compute the mean separation of a set of points
  70. computeRcluster -- Compute the radius and mean position of a set of points.
  71. computeSignedStd -- Compute asymmetric 1-sigma errors of a list
  72. concatSMAdataset -- Uses offsetScanNumbers to concatenate several measurement sets exported from MIR/IDL using autofits and previously filled to ms using MIRSFITStoCASA
  73. convertBenchmarkScript -- Converts a regression script of findContinuum to a new ALMA cycle
  74. convertChannelListIntoSelection -- Converts a list of channels into a CASA selection string syntax, with optional trimming
  75. convertColonDelimitersToPeriods -- Converts Ra Dec string with colons in the Dec to one with periods in the Dec
  76. convertSelectionIntoChannelList -- Converts a CASA channel selection string into an array of channels.
  77. convolveChannel -- convolves a sinc function with the Hann window, and normalizes the resulting spectrum to unity
  78. convolveChannelAveraging -- convolves a sinc function with the Hann window, then convolves with 2,4,8, or 16 delta functions and normalizes the resulting spectrum to unity
  79. convolveChannelAveragingPlot -- calls convolveChannelAveraging, then plots the result
  80. convolveChannelAveragingPlots -- calls convolveChannelAveragingPlot for each value of 1,2,4,8,16 and builds a montage
  81. convolveChannelPlot -- calls convolveChannel, then plots the result
  82. convolveImfitComponent -- Takes the deconvolved size of an imfit component and convolves it with a different beam
  83. convolveTwoEllipses -- Convolves a gaussian source with the beam of a specified image
  84. correlateRuns -- Compares execution times of two sets of pipeline run pairs
  85. correlateVisstatDifferences -- Computes fractional difference of per-scan/per-spw visibility statistics between two pipeline runs
  86. countLinesPythonCode -- Counts lines of code in *.py files in specified directory tree
  87. crtfToMask -- Converts a CASA CRTF region file to a mask for a specified image
  88. crtfToPixelList -- Converts a CASA CRTF region file containing 'symbol' shapes to a list of pixels in a specified image
  89. cubeDerivative -- Compute the derivative along the spectral axis of a cube
  90. cumulativeMaserVersusContinuum -- Plots the fraction of maser intensity and spots that are located outside a fractional continuum level in an image
  91. deflection -- Computes the gravitational bending of light for a star at a specified angle for a given distance and mass of a central body
  92. deflectionDifferential -- Computes the differential deflection between two fields in a measurement set
  93. deflectionPlot -- Plots the bending of light vs. angle from the Sun
  94. deflectionPlotJupiter -- Plots the bending of light vs. angle from the Jupiter
  95. deflectionPlotSaturn -- Plots the bending of light vs. angle from the Saturn
  96. deflectionPlotUranus -- Plots the bending of light vs. angle from the Uranus
  97. deflectionPlotNeptune -- Plots the bending of light vs. angle from the Neptune
  98. dirtyDR -- makes a plot of the dynamic range modifier vs. dynamic range used by the ALMA imaging pipeline
  99. ds9regionToList -- Converts the markers in a ds9 region file from sexagesimal RA, Dec into lists of RA and Dec in degrees
  100. dustLuminosity -- Computes the area under the curve of flux density vs. frequency
  101. dustSublimationRadius -- Computes radius where a power-law temperature profile reaches a specified temperature
  102. dustyProfiles -- Plots radial profiles output by the radiative transfer code DUSTY
  103. dynamicalTime -- Computes dynamical time for an outflow
  104. eddingtonLuminosity -- Computes Eddington limit luminosity for a given mass
  105. editComponentList -- Edits the frequency column in a component list
  106. exportfits -- Runs exportfits on an image or list of images, automatically appending '.fits'
  107. extractcal -- Extracts all the applycal and gaincal calls from a CASA log and wraps them
  108. extractImagenamesFromScript -- Reads a file of tclean commands and returns a list of the imagename arguments
  109. extractPageFromPDF -- extracts one page from a PDF file
  110. fillFitResults -- Convert output file from Robitaille's sedfitter into easier to read format
  111. filterScriptFor7m -- Filters a list of commands that contain measurement sets, passing only those where the first ms has a majority of 7m antennas"
  112. filterSources -- Extracts a subset of sources within a specified RA/Dec box from a larger list
  113. filterTable -- Filter a list of sources in an ASCII table to those within a specified radius of a specified direction
  114. filtwav -- Extracts the wavelength from a filter defining FITS file in the Robitaille SED fitter package
  115. findChannelRanges -- takes a spectrum and determines a string list of all channel ranges below a threshold
  116. findContinuumForPixel -- Examines the intensity histogram of a spectrum and returns the channels that are close to the continuum level as located by the rolloff point
  117. findContinuumHistogram -- Takes a cube and list of pixels, builds a histogram of flux density to identify continuum level, then finds the best continuum channels (calls findContinuumForPixel or findContinuumForPixelSCL)
  118. findFrequencyForTau -- compute frequency for a specific dust opacity and value of beta
  119. findGreyBodyFluxRatio -- computed the required tau to produce the observed flux ratio between two frequencies
  120. findIntersection -- Finds the intersection point for 2 lines, each defined by a pair of points
  121. findOuterAnnulusForPBCube -- Finds the scaled up values of a size mitigated cube that correspond to 0.2-0.3
  122. findSpectralAxis -- finds the spectral axis number of a CASA cube
  123. fitForDustTemp -- Fit for dust temperature, using a measured brightness temperature, source size, and beta
  124. fitForDustTempWithFree -- Fit for free-free component plus a dust temperature, using a measured brightness temperature, source size, and beta
  125. fixEps -- Modifies an eps file with a negative blc bounding box to make it non-negative
  126. fixRestFreq -- Uses imhead to change the restfreq in the header of a cube
  127. flagNonScanTimeRanges -- Flags data by timerange that are outside of the scans of a specified intent
  128. fluxBrightness -- Computes flux density that corresponds to specified brightness temperature
  129. fusOffset -- Applies a frequency shift to an ASCII file spectrum written in the column format expected by CASSIS
  130. fusPlot -- Plots an ASCII file spectrum written in the column format expected by CASSIS
  131. gaussianPercentile -- Computes the statistics of a Gaussian distribution restricted to the specified lower percentile
  132. gaussianPercentilePlot -- Plots the statistics of a Gaussian distribution restricted to the specified lower percentile vs. that percentile
  133. getFreqType -- Returns the frequency frame of the specified image
  134. getIntensityForPixel -- Gets the intensity at a specific pixel
  135. getTransitionFrequencies -- Reads a Leiden LAMDA file for a molecule and returns all frequencies
  136. getTransitionInfo -- Reads a Leiden LAMDA file for a molecule and returns 4 lists of info
  137. greybodyFluxDensity -- Computes flux density of a greybody using a dictionary of lmfit parameters
  138. greybodyFluxDensityJy -- Computes flux density of a greybody from temperature, tau, solid angle and frequency
  139. greybodyFluxRatio -- Computes the ratio of flux densities of a greybody at two frequencies
  140. greybodyIntensity -- Computes the intensity of a greybody
  141. help -- prints a list of all the functions defined at the top level of
  142. imageBiweightMean -- Computes the biweight_mean scale of a CASA image using the algorithm in IDLASTRO
  143. imageCompareStats -- Computes the classic and various robust estimators of the rms of a CASA image
  144. imageFromFits -- creates a CASA image from a FITS image that has no RA/Dec coordinates using a template CASA image of the same region
  145. imageFromFORCAST -- creates a CASA image for a SOFIA FORCAST FITS image with 3 planes in the 3rd dimension, using just the first plane
  146. imageRejection -- computes relative integration times as image sideband rejection is improved
  147. imageRobustSigma -- Computes the robust sigma of a CASA image using the algorithm in IDLASTRO
  148. imageSimulationToReality -- Copies a radMC3D simulation cube into the subimage of a cube of the sky
  149. imageSize -- returns size of image in arcseconds or primary beamwidths
  150. imageSpectralIndex -- Computes a spectral index image from two images
  151. imcombine -- Combines non-frequency-overlapping subcubes with the same frequency grid and spatial dimension into a single cube.
  152. imfitBrightnessTemperature -- Reads a list of files of format imfitparseCLB and finds the one with peak intensity, then uses its fitted flux density and fitted size
  153. imfitCube -- Runs imfit on all, or a list of channels in a CASA cube, generating a plot with errorbars
  154. imfitEstimateChanges -- Computes the percentage change in the parameters between two files of imfit estimates
  155. imfitIterate -- Runs imfit successively with the new estimates produced from the previous iteration until the result stops changing
  156. imfitResultsToLatex -- Takes a list of imfit results and produces a Latex table
  157. immoments4panel -- Builds moment images 0,1,2,8 of a CASA cube, then plots them on a 4-panel page
  158. importfitshdu -- imports multiple HDUs from a single FITS image into multiple casa images
  159. importsma -- imports one or more SMA UVFITS files that have been processed by uti_to_topo in MIR IDL
  160. imstatBackground -- run imstat on the specified box region, then on the 4 adjacent boxes to determine the lowest rms in all 5 boxes
  161. imstatCube -- compute the rms and standard deviation of chunks of a CASA image cube, and plots the result
  162. imstatparse -- converts a dictionary returned by imstat into a formatted string
  163. imsubimageRadec -- runs imsubimage centered on a specified RA Dec
  164. imviewOverlayEllipse -- Overlay an ellipse using CASA imview -- obsoleted by au.imviewField(ellipse)
  165. inclinationError -- computes the uncertainty on the inclination of a circular disk based on the apparent major and minor axes of its elliptical projection
  166. insertBookmarks -- insert bookmarks into a PDF
  167. intensityWeightedOffsetToRadec -- combine LL and RR fitted masers into intensity weighted positions nd velocities
  168. invertChannelRanges -- a wrapper function to findChannelRanges which takes just a string and total number of channels (or vis and spw)
  169. ionizingPhotonFlux -- computes equation 1 of Kurtz, Churchwell, Wood (1994)
  170. ionizingPhotonRate -- computes Eq 6 of Turner & Matthews 1984
  171. ionizingPhotonRateFromFluxDensity -- adjusts size of UCHII region until model flux density matches observed
  172. ispec -- Emulates the AIPS task ISPEC to write an ASCII spectrum from one spatial pixel in a cube
  173. ispecOverlay -- Overlay spectrum of a pixel from various cubes
  174. ispecs -- Runs ispec on a list of images
  175. janskyToKelvinFile -- Converts an ASCII spectrum given in frequency and jansky/beam into frequency and brightness temperature K
  176. kelvinHelmholtzTimescale -- compute this timescale for a specified mass, radius and luminosity
  177. kelvinPerJansky -- computes the Kelvin per Jansky conversion factor for a FITS or CASA interferometric image
  178. keplerianRadius -- given a period and mass (and inclination), returns the radius
  179. keplerianRotation -- given a velocity and radius (and inclination), returns the mass
  180. keplerianVelocity -- given a mass and radius (and inclination), returns the tangential velocity
  181. LbolFromLH2O -- Computes bolometric luminosity from water maser luminosity using Urquhart et al. 2001 Eq 9
  182. lsrkRangeForSpw -- Computes the LSRK frequencies of the first and last channel of the same spw in a list of measurement sets
  183. magjy -- Converts between magnitudes and Janskys for optical through mid-infrared wavelengths
  184. makeFlagTimeRanges -- Builds an array of period timerange strings suitable for use in flagdata on simulated measurement sets
  185. makemaskForNewLine -- Copies the clean mask from one line cube to another
  186. makeMaskFromEstimatesFiles -- Builds an aggregate 2D mask from a list of imfit estimates files using circular apertures
  187. makemaskImage -- Builds a mask image from an existing image and a mask lattice expression
  188. makeNoiseImage -- Takes an image as a template and creates a noise image over the same area
  189. makeNoiseSpectrum -- Makes an array of random numbers of a specified std and mean
  190. makeRobust1cubes -- Builds a script to run tclean to recreate pipeline image cubes with a different robust value
  191. masercloud -- Makes a 3D plot of a sequence of maser spot files
  192. maserLuminosity -- Computes luminosity for a spectral line
  193. maserUpperLimit -- Computes lower limit to the maser increase factor when only upper limits are available from one epoch
  194. maskChannel -- Mask a channel or range of channels in a CASA image cube
  195. meanEpoch -- Uses au.yearFraction to compute mean epoch of a list of dates
  196. meanPosition -- Takes two sexagesimal directions and computes the mean of both axes to produce a new direction
  197. measuredProperMotion -- Takes a measured shift in RA seconds and Dec arcseconds between 2 epochs, and computes proper motion and extrapolates for a third epoch
  198. mergebib -- Takes a .tex and .bbl file and puts the latter into the former, for submission to the ApJL word count tool
  199. minimumMassSolarNebula -- computes mass in Msun for specified surface density, inner and outer radii using a 1/r^2 density profile
  200. minimumSpanningTree -- Computes the minimum spanning tree of a graph
  201. modifySpectrumInCube -- Stuffs a new spectrum of values into a spatial pixel of a CASA image cube
  202. monteCarloAddition -- Computes the joint uncertainty of a sum of measurements with individual uncertainties
  203. monteCarloRatio -- Computes the uncertainty of a measurement scaled by an uncertain scale factor
  204. nanmean -- Returns scipy.stats.nanmean if numpy is earlier than 1.81, otherwise returns np.nanmean
  205. nanmedian -- Returns scipy.stats.nanmedian if numpy is earlier than 1.81, otherwise returns np.nanmedian
  206. nearestSourceInFitsTable -- Finds the nearest source in a FITS table to a specified direction
  207. nextPowerOfTwo -- Computes the next power of 2 greater than or equal to the specified integer
  208. nonScanTimeRanges -- Returns a list of date/time ranges outside of the scans of a specified intent
  209. northalign -- Uses the montage python wrapper to align a FITS image to north up
  210. offsetScanNumbers -- Adds a constant to the SCAN_NUMBER column of a measurement set
  211. olnon -- Computes free-free spectral energy distribution from the models of Olnon 1975
  212. oneEvent -- For a given population size, compute the sigma that gives just one event
  213. outermosaic -- Computes the border points of a mosaic pointing pattern
  214. phaseScreenCorrupt -- Corrupts a measurement set using the sm.settrop method.
  215. pipelineBandpassTimeSolint -- Searches CASA log for longest time solint on bandpass calibartor
  216. pipelineBeamRadius -- Emulates the calculation in
  217. pipelinePhasecalSolint -- Checks for solint specified gaincal as a value in 's'econds, rather than 'int' or 'inf'
  218. pipelinePlottingTimes -- Computes time spent in making sky plots in hif_makeimages
  219. pipelineSpwphaseupSpwmap -- finds the spwmap used by the pipeline in spwhpaseup
  220. planckIntensity -- Computes the intensity of the Planck function
  221. plotAplpyLines -- Plots a list of line segments from an ASCII file onto an aplpy figure
  222. plotAplpyPositionAngle -- Plots a line along a position angle on an aplpy FitsFigure
  223. plotCalibratorImagePeaks -- Plots an SED of the image peaks of the per-spw calibrator continuum images
  224. plotCompareFluxcsvs -- Plots age of spectral index vs. separationWindow, from several runs of compareFluxcsvs
  225. plotCompareL80 -- Plots the results from compareL80list
  226. plotFluxMaxAge -- Plots the SSR-generated file used by the OT in ICT-13764
  227. plotHartRAO -- Plots maser spectra ascii files from HartRAO
  228. plotHartRAODifference -- Plots the difference between two maser spectra ascii files from HartRAO
  229. plotLinesOfCodeVsTime -- Plots the lines of code vs. cvs version number and vs. time
  230. plotMaxHoldSpectrum -- Plots the maximum of a uv spectrum output by plotms text file tool
  231. plotRegionSpectrum -- computes and plots the spectrum from the unmasked pixels in a CASA region file
  232. plotRobustGrid -- Plots the results file from buildRobustWeightingGrid
  233. plotSMAEngineeringData -- plots data files downloaded from
  234. plotSpectrumFromMask -- generates summary spectrum plot added to pipeline weblog in PIPE-198 for Cycle 7
  235. plotSpwsVsTime -- Plots the science spws that appear in scans vs. time (or scan ID)
  236. plotTLEazel -- plots a satellite azimuth, elevation file produce by SxP4Test
  237. polarizationUncertainty -- computes polarization percentage and its uncertainty from I, Q, U flux densities and image rms
  238. properMotion -- computes proper motion in mas/year and beams/year for a specified distance, velocity and antenna configuration
  239. propertiesForIonizingPhotonRateDiazMiller -- determine interpolated ZAMS stellar properties for the specified value of Lyman continuum photon rate
  240. propertiesForSpectralTypeHanson -- determine interpolated ZAMS stellar properties for the specified spectral type
  241. pruneMask -- Calls Tak's prune algorithm used by tclean autoboxing
  242. radecListToOffsets -- Converts a list of sexagesimal RA/Dec values into relative coordinates in arcsec (relative to first position in the list)
  243. regionSpectrum -- Computes the spectrum from a specified region of a CASA image
  244. regionToEstimates -- Converts a CASA region file of positions to a imfit estimates file
  245. relaxationTime -- Computes relaxation time of a stellar cluster
  246. removeNaNs -- remove (or replace) the NaNs from an array
  247. removeLastLineOfFile -- removes the final line of an ASCII file, or list of files
  248. removeLines -- removes all lines of an ASCII file that contain a specified string (used for culling AQUA/QA0 bugs in flag command txt files)
  249. replaceMaskedPixels -- replaces masked pixels in a CASA image with a specified value
  250. replaceStringInFiles -- replaces a string with another string in a list of files
  251. rotationPhase -- determines the rotational phase of an observation relative to a zero point in the past
  252. roundMeasurementToAsymmetricString -- converts a value and uncertainty to a latex string with different + and - error bars
  253. roundMeasurementToAsymmetricScientificString -- converts a value and uncertainty to a latex string in scientific notation with different + and - error bars
  254. roundMeasurementToScientificString -- converts a value and uncertainty to a latex string in scientific notation
  255. roundMeasurementToString -- converts a value and uncertainty to a string
  256. scaleFluxcsv -- Scales the flux densities in an ALMA pipeline's flux.csv file
  257. scaleImage -- Scales the intensity in one or more rectangular boxes in a CASA image by a scale factor
  258. scaleImageSize -- Takes a string like '100x60' and scales each number by a specified factor
  259. scanTimeRanges -- Returns a list of date/time ranges for all the scans of a specified intent
  260. shiftDecString -- Takes a sexagesimal format Dec Value and shifts it by a specified value of arcseconds
  261. shiftRAString -- Takes a sexagesimal format RA value and shifts it by a specified value of arcseconds
  262. show_circles_intersecting -- Implements aplpy's show_circles but prevents drawing portions that overlap other circles.
  263. sigmaEvent -- compute the probability of an N-sigma event
  264. specfitPlot -- Plots the fit result from the CASA task specfit
  265. spectralTypeFloatToStringTo -- converts 0.95 to 'O9.5' for use after interpolating tables
  266. spectralTypeSternberg -- returns spectral type and luminosity for Q value for class V stars
  267. spectralTypeStringToFloat -- converts 'O9.5' to 0.95 for use in interpolating tables
  268. spectralTypeToTemperature -- uses Pecaut & Mamajek 2013 to convert spectral type to surface temperature
  269. spectraOverlay -- Reads and plots a spectral profile ASCII file created by the CASA viewer
  270. splitSedResults -- Split an sed_results file into N files to prepare it for Robitaille's fitter
  271. stefanBoltzmannLuminosity -- convert radius, distance and temperature to luminosity
  272. stefanBoltzmannRadius -- convert luminosity and temperature to radius
  273. stefanBoltzmannTemperature -- convert luminosity and radius to temperature
  274. stringToURL -- convert a text string to an encoded version suitable for use in a URL
  275. tauFromBrightness -- Inverts the equation Tb = T*(1-exp(-tau))
  276. temperatureToSpectralType -- interpolates Table 5 of Pecaut & Mamajek 2013
  277. timegaincalInterval -- Reads the bandpass/flux phase-only solint from the timegaincal weblog table
  278. topoFreqToChannel -- Converts a list of topo frequencies to topo channels in a measurement set
  279. topoFreqRangeListToChannel -- Converts a semicolon-delimit list of frequency ranges to topo channel ranges
  280. truncatedJDToDatestring -- converts truncated JD to date string
  281. tskyGridPlot -- makes a grid of plots of Tsky vs. frequency from a list of measurement sets and maxAltitudes
  282. uncertaintyOfSummedValues -- computes uncertainty of a sum of measurements
  283. velocityChannelWidth -- Returns the width of cube channels in velocity units
  284. version -- returns the CVS version number of
  285. visibleSky -- compute the fraction of the sky ever visible from a specified latitude and horizon limit
  286. vislistFromFluxcsv -- Returns list of measurement sets contained a flux.csv file
  287. widthOfMaskArcsec -- Finds the width of the smallest central square that circumscribes a mask
  288. zams -- Computes luminosity and radius for a given stellar mass using Hosokawa's fits to Schaller et al. 1992
  289. zamsMassFromLuminosity -- Computes empirical relation of Demircan and Kahraman 1991
  290. zeeman -- fits Stokes I and V spectra for Zeeman effect and magnetic field
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