Combining images into a multi-panel image with captions (using ImageMagick)

   convert tsys.spw0.t1.png -pointsize 48 label:'Here is a Tsys plot' -gravity Center -append tsys.spw0.t1.labeled.png
   convert tsys.spw0.t7.png -pointsize 48 label:'Here is another Tsys plot' -gravity Center -append tsys.spw0.t7.labeled.png
   montage -geometry 1024x768 tsys.spw0.t1.labeled.png tsys.spw0.t7.labeled.png summary.png 

Creating multi-source spectrum overlays with line labels in greg

Files required

The files in boldface are the ones you need to create and edit.
  • Main script: sma12lsb34_220cont.greg
    • calls, drawlines3.greg, and the resulting 'gregfilename' script
    • You set the vertical separation between spectra with fluxoffset (upper spectrum) and fluxoffsetsma4 (lower spectrum).
    • The relative x-axis shift can be put in with xoffusb[1..2].
    • The x-axis limits are the freqlow and freqhigh arrays.
    • The y-axis limits are fluxpeak and fluxmin.
    • You set the beamsize of your observations on lines 32-33.
    • The name of the postscript file to produce is defined on line 46.
  • Line file: Lines_n6334i.221
    • contains a list of line frequencies in MHz and species/transition names
    • passed to makemolecules to generate the gregfilename, which has the same name but with .greg appended
  • 'gregfilename' script: Lines_n6334i.221.greg (auto-generated by
  • Sub script to draw text labels for each spectral line: drawlines3.greg
  • Perl script to create:
    • The first line should point to perl on your computer.
    • Otherwise, it only needs to be edited if you add a species name to the Line file that is not already in this file
  • combineispec: combines to ISPEC ascii files, putting them in frequency order
    • created from combineispec.c program via: gcc -o combineispec combineispec.c

Draft plots for papers or talks

  • maser histograms:
    ch3cn8 h2overticaldistribution.png

  • Figure 6 from Moran 2008:
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