2021 NRAO/GBO Summer Student Information

Who are the NRAO/GBO Summer Students?

The NRAO-CV summer students (and their mentors) are:
  • Undergrads
    • Phani Datta Velicheti (Jan-Willem Steeb)
    • Michael Barth (Jan-Willem Steeb)
    • Ava Nederlander (Jacob White)
    • Miwa Johnstone (Adele Plunkett)
    • Matthew Zarate (Scott Ransom)
    • Ashley Martsen (Scott Ransom)
    • Swetha Sankar (George Privon)
    • Austen Fourkas (Dary Ruiz)
    • Marz Newman (Amanda Kepley)
    • Madisyn Brooks (Amanda Kepley)
    • Andi Gray (Mark Lacy)
    • Kara Green (Kim Emig)
    • Alina Kaliszewski (Jim Braatz)
    • Miguel Montalvo Hernandez (Devaky Kunneriath and Loreto Barcos Munoz)
    • Eddy Nkere (Chris De Pree and Tony Beasley)
    • AJ Cohn (Scott Ransom)
  • Grad students
    • Erica Behrens (Jeff Mangum)
    • Christa DeCoursey (Eric Murphy)
    • Alejandro Saravia (Loreto Barcos Munoz)
    • Mark Siebert (Tony Remijan)
    • Yina Jian (Ryan Loomis)

The GBO summer students are:
  • Undergrads
    • Laura Leyzorek (Carla Beaudet & Jason Ray)
    • Lucille Steffes (Jesse Bublitz)
    • Rebekah Polen (Pedro Salas)
    • Claire Finley (Larry Morgan)
    • Daniel Hancock (Charles Romero)
    • Robert Coleman (Will Armentrout)
    • Clara Johnson (Sophie Saint Georges)
    • Julian Ramos (Charles Romero)
    • Claire Cook (Tapasi Ghosh & Chris Salter)

The NRAO-NM summer students are:
  • Undergrads
    • Ruby Fulford (Brian Svoboda)
    • Donna DePolo (Craig Anderson)
    • Katiya Fosdick (Luis Quiroga-Nunez)
    • Brian Jiang (Luis Quiroga-Nunez)
    • Dylan Gayer (Pedro Beaklini)
    • Megan Frank (Mark Claussen)
    • Vincenzo Donofrio (Juergen Ott)
    • Camilo Vazquez (Pallavi Patil)
  • Grad students
    • Evan Sheldahl (Frank Schinzel)
    • Shrishti Yadav (Urvashi Rao)
    • Erik Carlson (Amy Kimball)
    • Kelly Sanderson (Anna Kapinska)
    • Serena Cronin (Juergen Ott)

More Friends of the summer program:
  • Undergrads and Co-Ops
    • Isaak Nathan (Mauricio Rodruguez) (NINE program)
    • Dom Morse (Mauricio Rodruguez) (NINE program)
    • Madeline Boyes (Morgan McLeod) (CDL)
    • Matthew Doerner (Steve Wunduke) (CDL)
    • Patricia Vasquez-Morales (Alec Handy) (CDL)
    • Clara Johnson (Sophie St. George) (GBO)
    • William Meynardie (Aaron Evans) (UVa)

Orientation Slides


The 2021 online bootcamp schedule is available here.

Videos of the 2021 bootcamp lectures are here. This is an unlisted playlist, meaning you cannot find it through the YouTube search bar.Videos of the 2020 bootcamp lectures are here.

PDFs of 2021 lectures are here.PDFs of 2020 lectures are here.

Summer Lecture Series

We will have a weekly science lecture delivered by an NRAO/GBO staff member on Wednesday afternoons at 3:30 pm EDT (1:30 pm MDT). All students should attend. We will also have a number of invited outside speakers presenting a variety of topics for career development.

Summer Student Social Events

One of the important parts of our program is getting to know your fellow Summer students, not only at your individual site (Socorro, Green Bank, or Charlottesville), but across the entire program! We will be organizing a series of virtual social events and games throughout the Summer to help connect all of you in a non-formal atmosphere! These will be primarily limited to the students (without mentors involved), but we’ll invite everyone (students / mentors) to the first session on May 27. Future events will be at the same time on June 10, June 24, July 8, July 22, and August 5.

When: Every Other Thursday, Beginning May 27 at 7 pm Eastern, 5 pm Mountain

Connection Details: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83465779514?pwd=c3NwSEFLallmb3FGWDRyS2hvM1huUT09

Meeting ID: 834 6577 9514, Passcode: astro

  • May 27: Get-To-Know-You Bingo
  • June 10: Geotastic
  • June 24:
  • July 8:
  • July 22:
  • August 5:


You will be set up with an NRAO/GBO computer account and access to NRAO/GBO computers and disk space. If you have problems or questions with computing, first try to resolve it with your fellow students or advisor or student coordinator.

IDL Usage Policies

Many summer students use IDL or GBTIDL, especially those working with GBT spectral line data. NRAO/GBO has plenty IDL floating licenses, but we do ask that you close down IDL sessions if you will not be using them in the next day.

The IDL policies for using licenses are described here: https://safe.nrao.edu/wiki/bin/view/GB/Observing/IdlUsagePolicy

Licenses currently bewing used are available here: http://leo.gb.nrao.edu/idl

End of Summer Presentation (Oral and Written)

Towards the end of the Summer (dates TBD), undergrads will give a short (~15min) talk on their summer research to the scientific staff as part of the NRAO/GBO Summer Student Symposium. We are holding on to hope that we can have this symposium in person in Green Bank, in which case the Symposium will be a hybrid zoom/in-person event. If we are unable to gather in Green Bank because of the pandemic, all talks will be by zoom. In either case, staff will be able to call in for all the talks.

Undergrad students will also write a report, which should be 4 pages minimum, outlining the summer research. Present your written report in PDF format to your local coordinator (Jim, Will, or Anna) by the end of August. You must hand in your written report on time to get financial support to attend the January AAS meeting (more info on that later).



NRAO/GBO Slack Channel

Staff at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory and the Green Bank Observatory have an informal Slack account (nrao.slack.com), and we would like to invite all of our summer students and mentors to join!

Join the channel by following this link (Link Expires on June 11, thereafter go to nrao.slack.com and request to join) : https://join.slack.com/t/nrao/shared_invite/zt-ny8bq5b8-iJMqF8NRxjUaolOmAkVBkA

The Slack channel will not be used for formal announcements by summer student coordinators -- it's meant as a tool to help us build virtual community amongst the GBO/NRAO summer students and staff. You will automatically be added to the #students2021 and #general channels, but you should feel free to join other channels or create them as you see fit.

Since this is a free Slack account, only the 10,000 most recent messages are saved on the platform. If you have a conversation with your research mentor over Slack and want to keep some information, make sure to write it down elsewhere, too! You'll be able to stay on the Slack channel after you finish the summer student program. We hope it will be a useful networking tool as you continue your studies, prepare for graduate school, or look towards what's next!


Don't hesitate to ask your local student coordinators with any questions!
  • Jim Braatz (jbraatz at nrao dot edu)
  • Anna Kapinska (akapinska at nrao dot edu)
  • Will Armentrout (warmentr at nrao dot edu)
  • Lyndele von Schill (lvonschi at nrao dot edu)

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