2021 NRAO/GBO Summer Student Symposium

The summer students at NRAO/GBO each year give a talk at the end of the summer to present their research to our staff, and the undergrads and some grad students prepare a written report on their research. In 2021, most of our student participants gathered in Green Bank, WV at the GBO to present their research. This page records the proceedings of this symposium, including the recorded talks and written reports. Reports will be uploaded and available by September 1, 2021.

Google Drive Schedule: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cpz2xSQg6dLjIuEWb5G0kUZOEOZsgnkSPcMB2NmldWU/edit?usp=sharing

Date Site Time (EDT) Student Talk Title (link goes to recorded talk) Link to summer report
Monday 8/2 CV 09:30 Marz Newman The Relationship Between 13CO/C18O and Star Formation Rate Surface Density Report
  CV 09:45 Madisyn Brooks Star Formation in Dense Molecular Gas: The HCN-to-HCO+ Ratio Report
  CV 10:00 Makoto Johnstone Class 0 source CARMA-7 in the Serpens South protostellar region Report
  CV 10:15 Ava Nederlander Observations of the Fading Outburst System L1251 VLA 6 Report
  SO 11:00 Ruby Fulford Statistical Multi-Component Fitting in the Orion Molecular Cloud Report
  CV 11:15 Kara Green Modeling Ionized Gas in Central Starburst Region of M82 Report
  CV 11:30 Swetha Sankar Molecular Gas Reservoirs and their role in Low Mass Galaxy Pair Evolution Report
  CV 11:45 Eddy Nkere Using Python Software to Assess Satellite Impacts on Radio Astronomy Report
  CV 12:00 Andi Gray Galaxy Cluster Weak Lensing in the Radio Report
  CV 1:30 Phani Velicheti OVID: A CARTA python backend Report
  CV 1:45 Misha Barth SiRIUS: Simulation of Radio Interferometry from Unique Sources Report
  SO 2:00 Shrishti Yadav Effect of Radio Frequency Interference for Next Generation VLA Grad student
Tuesday 8/3 CV 9:30 Austen Fourkas Observing the Wide-Angle Outflows of HBC494 Report
  CV 9:45 Miguel Montalvo Hernandez ALMA Imaging and Analysis of the Luminous Infrared Galaxy ESO 203 IG001 Report
  CV 10:00 Erica Behrens HCN and HNC as Star Formation Tracers in NGC 253 Grad Student
  CV 10:15 Alina Kaliszewski Water Megamasers in UGC 3193 & IC 2560 Report
  SO 11:00 Megan Frank Characterizing Circumstellar Shells from Multiple Infrared Surveys Report
  SO 11:15 Camilo Vazquez Multi-frequency Imaging of kpc-scale Jets in Obscured Radio Powerful Quasars Report
  SO 11:30 Donna dePolo A Look into the Inner Lobes of Centaurus A using Radio Polarimetry Report
  SO 11:45 Brian Jiang Astrometry using moving reference sources Report
  SO 12:00 Erik Carlson Simplifying VLASS Pipeline Customization Report
  CV 1:30 Ashley Martsen Polarization of Terzan 5 Pulsars Report
  CV 1:45 AJ Cohn Finding Faint Pulsars with Power Spectra Stacking Coming soon
Thursday 8/4 GB 9:30 Laura Leyzorek Design of RFI Enclosures for RF-Noisy Electronics Report
  GB 9:45 Julian Ramos Correlations between Weather Variable and Recorded Data Report
  GB 10:00 Daniel Hancock Pressure Profiles from Improved Noise Quantification Report
  GB 10:15 Rob Coleman Population Synthesis Modeling of the Milky Way's HII Regions  
  GB 11:00 Claire Cook HI Detection in High-Z, Type 2 Quasars Report
  GB 11:15 Claire Finley Star Formation in Bright-Rimmed Cloud SFO 14 Report
  GB 11:30 Rebekah Polen Tracing the CO-dark Molecular Gas Toward Cassiopeia A Report
  GB 11:45 Lucy Steffes The Chemical Composition of the Helix Nebula Globules Report
Friday 8/5   9:45 Matthew Doerner Memory Subsystem Design for the B&C Node Demonstrator Coming soon
    10:00 William Meynardie Probing Resolved Structures in LIRGs Report
    10:15 Mitchell Hernandez Studying Active Galactic Nuclei in the Millimeter and Gamma Wavelengths  
    11:00 Fahim Jenneto Finding new Irregular Satellites/ Moons around Jupiter  
    11:15 Carlos Ortiz-Quintana Principal Component Analysis (PCA) as a Tool for Characterizing Simulated Images of Black Holes  
    11:30 Savannah Woods A Multiwavelength Exploration of the Starburst Dwarf Galaxy UM461  
    11:45 Khalid Mohamed Searching For Single-Transit Events In TESS Lightcurves With Machine Learning  
    12:00 Kiana Whitfield Study of Tadpole Galaxy SBS1 and Greater Environmental Context  
Friday 8/13 SO 11:00 MDT Katiya Fosdick Characterizing The Variability of Long Period Variable Stars in the r ≤ 2 kpc Solar Neighborhood With Gaia and ZTF Report
  SO 11:20 MDT Vincenzo Donofrio Characterizing Molecular Gas Towards Sagittarius B2: The Galactic Center's Complex Giant Molecular Cloud Report
  SO 11:40 MDT Dylan Gayer Radio Emissions in Infrared Dark Clouds: Molecular transitions and Continuum maps Report

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